Bulkhead Strengthening
Budget: $65 million
Scheduled Completion: Winter 2013

Bulkhead Strengthening

In order to accommodate the mega Post-Panamax vessels PortMiami will receive once the -50 foot Deep Dredge is completed, the bulkheads and seawall along Wharves I-VII have been improved through a comprehensive strengthening program. This program included a variety of improvements to each wharf: new bollards, fenders, and water stations. Wharves originally designed for channel water depths ranging from 42-46 feet have been deepened for improved wharf access, allowing for improved cargo movement and stacking efficiencies needed for projected increases in containerized trade.

PortMiami recently completed the strengthening of its cargo bulkhead to accommodate the new dredge depth of -50' and to accept the four new Super-Post Panamax Cranes that arrived in the fall of 2013. PortMiami is the first U.S. deep water port to incorporate precast fascia panels on this project in order to expedite construction and provide a clean, uniform appearance of our Port when seen from Biscayne Bay.