Online Services

For your convenience, please find all PortMiami online applications here.

  • Daily Dock Report
    Whether you are a vessel agent trying to request a berth assignment or a passenger trying to find your reservation details, you can easily get the information you need by printing our Daily Dock Report. Just enter a date range and your request will be amply satisfied. This report will show all vessels docked at PortMiami in a specific time window. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact the Berthing Office at 305-347-4854 or via email.
  • Berth Request 
    Husbandry Agents and Shipping Lines may safely tender vessel berthing requests to PortMiami's Harbor Officers. Login to submit, modify, track or cancel berthing requests. Email notifications will be sent on submitted requests or modifications detailing the status. To protect your privacy, you will need to register prior to using the website. Contact the Berthing Office at 305-347-4854 or via email to obtain the necessary credentials.
  • Account Replenishment
    It is easier to manage and financially beneficial to the Port Customers to keep pre-paid accounts with the Port to pay for services (i.e.: ID Badges, Ground Transportation, and Gate Scales). Our secured Account Replenishment site allows you to keep your accounts funded without having to visit our offices. You will need specific company information to use this convenient feature. You can deposit money to your pre-paid account by identifying Company, Sub-Account and enter your Signature ID as well as the amount you intend to deposit.
  • Financial Services
    SeaPal is a secure online service where PortMiami partners can efficiently manage their accounts. SeaPal features include: viewing and printing statements, completing secured e-check payments, posting invoice disputes, immediate two-way access to Seaport Finance personnel and much more. In order to protect your privacy, you will need to pre-register.
  • Port ID Renewal/Replace Card Services
    No more lines. Complete your renewal/replacement process online and come to the Port to pick up your card. The Seaport ID Card Services site was designed with your comfort in mind. PortMiami card holders must renew their ID Badge before the expiration date listed on their credential. Customers may renew their Port ID's up to one month prior to the expiration date.
    Important: Credentials may be renewed online, by uploading the required documentation. We recommend scheduling an appointment to minimize waiting time at the office
  • Ground Transportation Trip inquiry
    Ground Transportation vehicles do not have to stop any more to fill out forms. PortMiami has deployed a state-of-the-art system that captures trip information and applies the corresponding charges automatically. If you are in the business of taking passengers to/from PortMiami, login and you will be able to review your trip log, print statements, verify transponder readability and much more.
  • Ground Transportation Company Directory
    Many Ground Transportation Companies offer affordable and convenient charter and shuttle services to passengers using PortMiami. Prearrange your pick-up or drop-off with one of these fully permitted companies and let them take care of your needs. They will gladly service small and large groups based on count and itinerary as well as individuals who are willing to share a bus with other passengers.
  • Auto Export
    Create an Auto Export account in order to access the website.