PortMiami Business Permits

In order to conduct business at PortMiami in accordance with rules and requirements of the Port Tariff Adobe Acrobat Logo, the Port Director and the Miami-Dade County Code, companies are expected to comply with all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

General Requirements

To obtain a PortMiami business permit, applicants must submit:

    1. Permit Application


    1. Proof of Insurance
        • All companies must provide a certificate of insurance, which names Miami-Dade County Risk Management & PortMiami as both certificate holder and additional insured as it pertains to company operations while in Miami-Dade County
        • General liability or vehicle liability per occurrence of minimum $100,000/$300,000 total liability and $50,000 property damage
    2. Permit Fee:
      • Initial Fee: $700 (Includes $350 non-refundable processing fee and $350 permit fee)


    1. Local Business license / Corporation's Articles of Incorporation


  1. Credit Application 

Additional requirements apply for these PortMiami business permits:



Fee Summary



Car Rental Non-Concessionaire     $350
Cartage Trucking     $350
Category Change Fee     $350
Crane Rental Service     $350
Delivery by Car / Van     $350
Distribution of Merchandise     $350
Equipment Leasing     $350
Equipment Maintenance and Repairs     $350
Fuel / Bunker Barges (up to 5 Barges) $200,000
~ Additional Barges (each) $25,000
Fueling of Vessels by Truck     $350
Lunch Truck Operator $2,500
Marine Consultants / Surveyor     $350
Name Change Fee $350
Portable Telecommunications Antennas $24,000
Pre-Arranged Ground Transportation     $350
Ship Agent $1,750
Ship Chandler & Supplier $1,000
Ship Repairs $350
Stevedoring $5,800
Tenants $350
Tow Trucks and Vehicle Delivery $70
Tug Services (per tug) $15,000
All other business categories $350
In addition to the fees above, the following fees apply  
Initial (non-refundable) Processing Fee (except Cruise / Shipping Lines and Tug Services) $350
Processing Fees, Tug Services (non-refundable) $6,000
Reinstatement Fee $350

The Port Director shall determine the fees for all other activities not listed above.


Questions About Permits

For questions regarding PortMiami's business permits, contact PortMiami's Permit Section at 305-347-4964.