PortMiami Tunnel

Fun Facts

By the Numbers

1.5 million
Number of trucks that will go through the tunnel instead of Downtown Miami annually

People who have indirectly worked on the tunnel project

Employees who worked directly on the project of which 80 percent are Miami-Dade residents

240 days
Time it took to dig the first (eastbound) tunnel tube

180 days
Time it took to dig the second (westbound) tunnel tube

120 feet
Deepest point in the tunnel from sea level

Just under one mile
Total length of tunnel

12.2 metric tons
Weight of each tunnel segment, manufactured in Sweetwater

PortMiami Tunnel
Tunnel Information

The PortMiami Tunnel improves access to and from the Port, serving as a dedicated roadway connector linking the Port with the MacArthur Causeway (State Road A1A) and I-395. The Tunnel is open to everyone – both cruise and cargo traffic.

Nearly 16,000 vehicles travel to and from PortMiami through downtown streets each weekday. Truck traffic makes up 28 percent of this travel. In addition to providing quicker access for Port-bound trucks and automobiles, the Port Tunnel is designed to improve traffic flow in Downtown Miami.

As part of PortMiami's sustainability initiative, the tunnel reduces idle vehicle time as well as cut on vehicle emissions.

There's no toll – It's free for all!

Visit the PortMiami Tunnel website for traffic information.



Safety First

What you need to know before entering the tunnel:

  • Speed limit is 35 mph
  • Cruise traffic uses left lane
  • Cargo traffic uses right lane
  • Pedestrians and bicycles are prohibited from the tunnel
  • Placarded Hazardous Materials are prohibited
  • Maximum Height 15’0” Maximum Width 8’6”


For more safety tips & information, please download the Cruising the Tunnel  brochure.