Intermodal/Freight Rail Restoration

PortMiami has partnered with Florida East Coast Railway to re-introduce on-port rail service. The restored tracks link the Port and the Hialeah Rail Yard providing direct cargo access to the national rail system. The on-dock intermodal rail service provides shippers the convenience of port-to-door service with absolute lead times that match or exceed those of trucking, but with greater reliability and reduced carbon emissions.

PortMiami, in partnership with the Florida East Coast Railway, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the State of Florida, invested $50 million to connect the Port with the improved Hialeah intermodal rail yard. Restoration of this service re-connects the Port with the national rail systems (CSX and Norfolk Southern) and expedites the movement of goods throughout Florida and into the continental U.S. New rail service to PortMiami, with expanded connections throughout North America, augments the Port’s efforts to become a major global logistics hub allowing containerized cargo to reach 70% of the American population in 1-4 days.

Intermodal reliability is crucial to the advancement of U.S. exports. The Miami metropolitan area is the most densely populated urbanized area in the Southeastern United States and other major cities in the region are reachable by rail with 10 hours to three days. Currently, the PortMiami-Florida East Coast Railway connection consistently provides the most reliable freight transportation service to Southeastern U.S. consumer markets.



Florida East Coast Railway Train
Budget: $49.3 million
Reach 70 percent of the U.S. population in 1-4 days