Sister Seaports

In 1998, the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution establishing PortMiami’s International Sister Seaports Program. Sister Seaport agreements help ports collaborate on the exchange of information and ideas, with the stated aim of increasing both cargo and cruise trade between ports. 

The benefits of signing a Sister Seaport agreement with PortMiami are many:

    • The commitment to a  free and uninhibited exchange of information pertaining to:
      • The cargo and cruise industries in each port
      • Historical statistical information on each port; planned seaport infrastructure developments
      • General marketing research aimed at increasing cruise and cargo traffic between ports
    • Creating the technical and financial circumstances necessary to promote increased traffic and port activities via joint ventures and other business arrangements
    • Forming groups that exchange security information with the aim of strengthening the safety of ports worldwide
    • Assisting in the implementation of educational programs that will help foster goodwill between ports
  • Global promotion of both the sister seaport relationship and the advantages of doing business with the sister seaports

Participation in a biennial Sister Seaports Convention, held in Miami-Dade County, that highlights affiliated sister seaports and their accomplishments resulting from the program.

For more information on the Sister Seaports program at PortMiami, please email Debra Owens, Director, Government Affairs and International Relations or call 305-960-5456.



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Ivory Coast
  • Port Autonome de Dakar
South Africa
  • Port de Conakry




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South Korea


Latin America & The Caribbean


Il Marinaio

Il Marinaio

In January 2012, the Harbor Authority of the Port of Livorno, Italy graciously extended a gift to PortMiami in the form of a bronze statue, Il Marinaio  (The Mariner), the Twinning Sailor, symbolizes the relationship between the two ports.