Cartage/Trucking Permits

In order to conduct business at PortMiami in accordance with rules and requirements of the Port Tariff Adobe Acrobat Logo, the Port Director and the Miami-Dade County Code. To obtain a permit, cartage/trucking companies must submit the following documentation:

    1. Permit Application 


    1. Proof of Insurance
      • All companies must provide a certificate of insurance, which names Miami-Dade County Risk Management and PortMiami as both certificate holder and additional insured as it pertains to company operations while in Miami-Dade County.
      • General liability and vehicle liability of minimum $1,000,000
      • Must include schedule of vehicles and drivers covered in the policy


    1. Permit Fee
      • $350 processing fee and $420 permit
      • Permit renewals not received by the expiration date are considered late and the initial processing fee is required for reinstatement


    1. Business License/Articles of Incorporation


    1. Proof of Operating Authority (MC Number) with U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


  1. Checklist of Items Submitted Adobe Acrobat Logo

Submit documentation to: 

PortMiami Permit Section
1001 North America Way, Suite 115
Miami, Florida 33132
Fax: 305-347-4820
Email: [email protected], and [email protected] 


Important Notice Regarding Certificate of Liability Insurance Requirements

Per the Port Tariff, all cartage (trucking) companies are required to provide a current copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance along with a schedule of drivers and vehicles covered under such insurance policy. In order to ensure uninterrupted access to the PortMiami premises, cartage companies must notify the Permit Section of any changes in coverage, drivers, vehicles and other pertinent information.

Prior to individuals renewing or obtaining an identification badge, the Permit Section must receive notice from the insurance company that said individual is covered under the policy. In addition, individuals must bring proof of insurance to the Identification and Credentialing Office. No identification badges will be issued without proof of insurance.

Submit required documents to:

PortMiami Permit Section
1001 North America Way, Suite 115
Miami, Florida 33132
Fax: 305-347-4820
Email: [email protected], and [email protected] 


Pre-paid Scale Program

PortMiami offers a Pre-paid Scale Program, which significantly reduces waiting times at the cargo gates. While drivers have the option of paying cash at the gate at a price of $15 per entry, enrolling in the automatic Pre-paid Scale Program enables you to use any of the Port's inbound scaled cargo lanes at a cost of $12 per usage.


Smooth Sailing for Trucks

PortMiami Fast Pass
Speedier access at terminal gates

Need more information?

Please feel free to contact the TWIC Office directly for questions or concerns regarding card requirements:

Help Desk

Please remember that all users obtaining a new (or renewal) TWIC card are also required to apply for a new PortMiami identification badge as soon as the TWIC badge is received.
Please call the Port’s Credentials Section at 305-347-4955 if you need further assistance.