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Future Solicitations

Take a look at the following future opportunities to do business with the County. These documents are drafts of planned solicitations and are subject to change (see disclaimer). While the County is not required to do so, we hope that by giving the vendor community a preview of upcoming contract opportunities, we can:

  • improve understanding of County requirements;
  • enable vendors to offer feedback on the specifications;
  • enhance public access; and
  • encourage full and open competition.

All documents are in PDF format. Download free Acrobat Reader from here.

                    THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT

Date PostedTitleSend Feedback to
04/06/2015 Misdemeanor Probation & BIP Services Melissa Camillo-Castillo
04/13/2015 E15-PWWM-02, PWWM, FDOT LAP TAMIAMI CANAL BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, FM #416658-1 Myrelie Colon
04/17/2015 InMotion Multi-Network Mobile Communications Gateway Santiago A. Pastoriza
04/17/2015 Marketing and Public Relations Services Marcia Casamayor
04/17/2015 DB15-ISD-01: DB Services for MDPD New Academy Bldg. Amelia M. Cordova-Jimenez
04/21/2015 Land Planning Consultant Marcia Casamayor
04/21/2015 E15-PWWM-03 - FDOT LAP Along 74 St Myrelie Colon
04/21/2015 County-Wide Debt Collection Services Marcia Casamayor
04/21/2015 E15-PWWM-04 LAP OLD Cutler Bike Trl-Bridge at SW 328 St Myrelie Colon
04/22/2015 Community Redevelopment Pre-Qual Pool Brad Skinner
04/22/2015 E15-PWWM-05 LAP Safe Route to Schools Myrelie Colon
04/23/2015 Rickenbacker Causeway Concession Stands Mike Ramos
04/23/2015 DB14-WASD-09, DB Svcs. 36 In Diameter FM Curt Williams
04/24/2015 Towing Services Lorrie Kola

This page is updated once weekly. The documents are available for viewing for a two-week period and will then be removed.

Disclaimer: This service is provided for convenience only and does not serve as a guarantee of notification. Solicitation notices are sent to Enrolled and Registered vendors. Vendors may enroll with the County to be included on a mailing list for selected categories of goods and services.

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