Advance Notice to Waive Competition

This information is designed to inform the supplier community and the public that Miami-Dade County intends to enter into a non-competitive contract (known as a bid waiver or sole source) to purchase a product or service. While the County is not required to do so (see disclaimer), we believe providing this information will:
  • enhance transparency of County procurement;
  • foster full and open competition; and
  • provide potential suppliers an opportunity to identify themselves.
If you believe you are a qualified supplier, please submit a statement of your capability to the contact listed below.
All documents are in PDF format. Download free Acrobat Reader from here .

Date Posted Title Send Feedback to
Disclaimer: This service is provided for convenience only and does not serve as a guarantee of notification. Potential suppliers are encouraged to submit a statement of capabilities. However, the County, in its sole discretion, shall determine whether to proceed with a waiver of competition and enter into negotiations with the pre-identified supplier. The documents above may be the only notice of this action.