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Solicitation Details - 8751-2/14 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Refractory Fire Bricks and Related Material
Opening Date  : 12/5/2018
Opening Time  : 02:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   The purpose of this solicitation is to pre-qualify bidders for future pricing competition. This initial solicitation provides for the submission of documents and forms intended to verify that the vendor meets pr exceed the criteria established in this solicitation shall be placed on a Pre-Qualification List that may be accessed by various Miami-Dade County departments in order to obtain price quotations for the provision of refractory (fire) bricks and related material (anchors, harwaco bonding, shot-tech, accelerator, wire fibers, etc.) manufactured by Harbison-Walker refractories.
Technical  Certification  :   Provide current letters from the manufacturer's letterhead, designating the bidder as a manufacturer agent, dealer, representative, distributor and/or reseller of the products listed in the bid submittal. The letters shall be dated within six (6) months of the bid submittal and it shall be signed by an authorized manufacturer's representative or provide a copy of the signed agreement between the manufacturer and the bidder designating the bidder as an agent, dealer, representative, distributor and/or reseller of the products listed on the bid submittal.
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