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Solicitation Details - A12-HT-01 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Design Services for a New Domestic Violence Center
Opening Date  : 10/24/2013
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   Miami-Dade County’s Homeless Trust (HT) will require professional design services for a new domestic violence center to be located in an underserved area in Miami-Dade County. The County desires to create a welcoming, safe, accessible shelter environment that supports survivors and their children by meeting their needs for self-reliance, security, and dignity. Design strategies will include best practices in the design of domestic violence emergency housing facilities, which must include, but are not limited to, ensuring limited visibility of the interior by the public, with exterior elements that protect residents’ privacy; controlled access that allows residents to come and go freely and safely; and visual screens for enclosures for resident parking areas to protect confidentiality. The design for the new center shall include capacity for 60 emergency shelter beds with space for future growth; kitchens to facilitate multi-family meal preparation; laundry; communal spaces; and secure outdoor play spaces. The design shall incorporate rooms, windows, and skylights to maximize natural daylight and provide views of natural features like gardens and trees, while preserving the feeling of security; clear interior/exterior sightlines to allow parents to supervise their children without being in the same physical space. The new facility shall incorporate accessible design standards to accommodate residents with disabilities. Design strategies must also incorporate quiet spaces outside residents’ rooms to facilitate healing from trauma and increase option for privacy. The design must incorporate indoor and outdoor space for pets and service animals. Staff areas must be acoustically and visually separated spaces appropriate for confidential conversations with residents, and sufficient space must be included for group and individual counseling and classes. The design must address security systems and resident-controlled access that free staff from continuous monitoring of entrances and exits and also increases safety and security for staff. The selected consultant is to provide professional design service including, but not limited to, architectural design, programmatic development, life safely, landscaping, civil engineering, structural, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, voice/data communications, security, detailed cost estimate of probable construction costs, construction administration, LEED representation, and LEED Commissioning. LEED approved green building principals as required for compliance with Miami-Dade County Implementing Order No. 8-8, Sustainable Building Program, must be incorporated. The new center will be designed to attain a minimum LEED Silver Certification. One qualified consultant will be retained under a non-exclusive Professional Services Agreement (PSA) for an effective term of 1,251 calendar days, or until project completion whichever occurs last. This period includes one year of warranty period after project completion. All proposers will be required to sign a confidentiality of site agreement document to Miami-Dad County upon submittal of proposal, and be subject to background check requirements. Experience and Qualifications: 1. The Prime consultant providing categories 14.00 and 18.00 must demonstrate experience in designing at least one (1) Domestic Violence Center and have experience working with governmental agencies. 2. The team member(s) providing categories 12.00 and/or 13.00 to the design team must demonstrate experience in LEED certified buildings, and must have worked on at least one (1) project of similar nature, size, and complexity. 3. The team member(s) providing category 22.00 to the design team is required to have participated in at least one (1) project of similar size and complexity. Preferred Experience: 1. The team member(s) providing category 17.00 to the design team is preferred to have participated in the construction management of at least one (1) project of similar nature, size, and complexity.
Technical  Certification  :   14.00 Architecture (PRIME) 18.00 Architectural Construction Management (PRIME) 11.00 General Structural Engineering 12.00 General Mechanical Engineering 13.00 General Electrical Engineering 16.00 General Civil Engineering 17.00 Engineering Construction Management 20.00 Landscape Architecture 22.00 ADA Title II Consultant
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