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Solicitation Details - A13-SEA-01 This Solicitation is expired.

Opening Date  : 7/10/2013
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   The County Mayor, Miami-Dade County (County), pursuant to Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, Sections 2-8.1 and 2-10.4 of the County Code, Implementing Order 3-34, and Administrative Order (A.O.) 3-39, announces that professional architectural/engineering and construction administration services will be required to optimize the Portwide Wayfinding sign system at PortMiami. Prime and subconsultants selected for ISD Project Nos. E11-SEA-03, Program Management Consultant Services, and E09-SEA-02, Bond Engineering Services, will not be considered for award of this contract.
Technical  Certification  :   The Consultant shall provide professional architectural/engineering and construction administration services, to include coordination with all regulatory agencies as appropriate, for modifications and improvements to optimize the Port’s Wayfinding as per the Wayfinding and Signage Analysis of the 2035 Master Plan. This project is scheduled to be completed within 25 months of Notice to Proceed. The scope of services may include the creation of a comprehensive inventory and database of all existing signs through field inventory, documentation, database development and system integration (i.e. Geographic Information System); a comprehensive facility analysis and design Signage Master Plan through Wayfinding philosophy, graphic and Wayfinding standards, sign concept development, placement and location guidelines; Signage Standards and Guidelines through Wayfinding methodology, sign family development (interior and exterior), mock-up, prototype testing, evaluation and final document development; Implementation and Transition Plans with preliminary cost estimates, preliminary schedules development and phasing plans; Design Documents with design development, construction documents and cost estimates; and assistance through bidding, award, contract administration, fabrication and installation. Sign types may include static and dynamic/LED. The consultant shall work with PortMiami staff (i.e., Capital Development, Planning, Facilities Maintenance, Maritime Services (Operations), Marketing, Safety and Security, etc.), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and other agencies as necessary, in the coordination with various projects, facilities and operations on the Port. The Consultant shall provide all the necessary investigations; surveys; studies; architectural and engineer designs; civil engineering; structural engineering; electrical engineering; telecommunications engineering; cost estimations; schedules; value engineering coordination; construction documents; signage permitting; commissioning; bidding assistance; site visits; inspections; construction administration; construction inspection services; review of shop drawings, proposed substitutions, pay requests and change orders; claims assistance; and any supportive ancillary tasks to the primary scope of services to successfully complete all phases of the project. All work shall be conducted to meet or exceed professional standards, comply with PortMiami’s Safety and Security requirements and with FDOT standards as they relate to the PortMiami Tunnel project, which includes a number of static and dynamic signs. One (1) qualified consultant will be retained with one (1) non-exclusive Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with a maximum compensation of $650,000, inclusive of a 10% Contingency, for an effective term of three (3) years with two (2) one-year options to extend for professional services requested during the initial term, or until funding is depleted. These two one-year options to renew are based solely on the approval of the County Mayor or County Mayor’s designee. Note that no minimum amount of work or compensation is guaranteed under this agreement. Experience and Qualifications: a) Interested professional architectural firms (Prime Consultants) must have extensive relevant experience with a minimum of five (5) years of working in Wayfinding sign system design, graphic design and interior design for a concise and comprehensive system of directional, informational, regulatory and identification messages (applies to prime). Should the prime consultant determine that a Wayfinding/specialty signage consultant is desired, said firm shall be included in the proposal as part of the team. b) Interested professional engineering firms (subconsultants) must have three (3) years of experience for similar work as described in the scope of services (please refer to Section 1.2 of this NTPC). The expertise must be met by a qualified individual(s) of the prime firm and subconsultants, as denoted above. The experience must be demonstrated by direct or substantial involvement of the individual(s) in a supervisory capacity at the Project Manager level or above. The determination of the individual’s qualifications and compliance with the experience and qualifications shall be at the sole discretion of the County. The Competitive Selection Committee may negatively evaluate proposals from firms they determine have failed to meet the above experience and qualification(s). Information regarding the experience and qualification(s), for the prime and A&E sub-consultants, must be included in ISD’s Form Nos. 2, 3, and 4.
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