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Solicitation Details - E13-RER-01 This Solicitation is expired.

Opening Date  : 6/16/2014
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   These contracts will provide RER with a prequalified pool of environmental consultants with diverse and specialized expertise, immediately available to perform a variety of environmentally related tasks required of County Departments. Work will be distributed among the firms as evenly as possible, with consideration of any factors affecting such distribution being justified by RER. The initial work task will be assigned to the firm with the highest ranking. The proposed scope of work includes the following: A. Performing environmental investigation or rehabilitation and related tasks, including drilling, surveying and mapping, and laboratory services, at Miami-Dade County owned or operated sites in accordance with Chapters 62-780 of the Florida Administrative Code (FAC), Chapter 24 of the Miami-Dade County Code, and all applicable regulations and guidance documents. B. Performing services related to the modification, repair, removal, replacement, installation and/or abandonment of any underground or aboveground storage systems, and any related tasks, in accordance with Chapters 62-761 and 62-762 FAC, Chapter 24 of the Miami-Dade County Code, and all applicable regulations and guidance documents. C. Performing services as design criteria professionals and performing duties related to construction management for environmentally necessary construction tasks related to A and/or B above. D. Performing environmentally-related construction tasks related to A and/or B above, as warranted and approved by the COUNTY, in compliance with all applicable rules and regulation that govern construction. E. Performing other related environmental work, not identified above, necessary for investigation and/or prevention of potential or known contamination, compliance with applicable regulations, protection of the environment and the public health, and cleanup of environmental contamination. Six (6) qualified consultants will be retained under non-exclusive professional services agreement (PSA) with an effective term of three (3) years and a maximum compensation of $3,000,000.00 per agreement. The agreements will provide two (2) one-year renewal options. No minimum amount of work or compensation is guaranteed under these PSAs.
Technical  Certification  :   10.05 Environmental Engineering - Contamination Assessment and Monitoring (PRIME) 10.06 Environmental Engineering - Remedial Action Plan Design (PRIME) 10.07 Environmental Engineering - Remedial Action Plan Implementing/Operation/Maintenance (PRIME) 16.00 General Civil Engineering (PRIME) 17.00 Engineering Construction Management (PRIME) 9.01 Soils, Foundations and Material Testing – Drilling, Subsurface Investigations and Seismographic Services 15.01 Surveying and Mapping - Land Surveying
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