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Solicitation Details - E13-SEA-03 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Marine Infrastructure Engineering Services
Opening Date  : 12/11/2013
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   The County Mayor, Miami-Dade County (County), pursuant to Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, Sections 2-8.1 and 2-10.4 of the County Code, Implementing Order 3-34, and Administrative Order (A.O.) 3-39, announces that professional engineering services will be required for marine infrastructure engineering services for PortMiami. The Prime Consultant and/or subconsultants selected for award of this solicitation will not be considered for any design-build projects, for which design criteria specifications are developed for PortMiami under this Professional Services Agreement (PSA), ISD Project No. E13-SEA-03. The PortMiami will select two (2) consultant teams via two (2) separate Notices to Professional Consultants. The schedule for selection of a consultant team and subsequent award of a PSA under ISD Project No. E13-SEA-03 will precede the selection of a consultant team and subsequent award of a Professional Services Agreement under ISD Project No. E13-SEA-04. The Prime Consultant and/or subconsultants selected for award of PSA under ISD Project No. E13-SEA-03 will not be considered for award of a PSA under ISD Project No. E13-SEA-04. The Prime Consultants and subconsultants selected for ISD Project No. E11-SEA-03, Program Management Consultant Services and ISD Project No. E09-SEA-02, Bond Engineering Services, will not be considered for award of PSAs under ISD Project Nos. E13-SEA-03 and E13-SEA-04. The Consultant shall provide marine engineering inspection, evaluation, design, and design criteria services for the construction, repair and rehabilitation, removal and replacement and new construction of PortMiami’s Marine Infrastructure, including but not limited to: wharves; bulkheads; seawalls; roll-on/roll-off platforms; pile supported gantry crane rail beams tie-downs, and stow pin sockets; shoreline protection revetments; dredging; corrosion protection; floating and fixed docks; offshore mooring and breasting dolphins; container yard improvements and other cruise and cargo vessel berthing improvements. In addition, services shall include all ancillary marine infrastructure such as moorings and bollards; fenders; runways and railways; ramps and aprons; cold-iron connections; as well as, marine terminal yard upgrades including intermodal yard, transaction/security gate, gantry system and passenger cruise boarding bridge infrastructure in support of the containerized cargo vessels and cruise passenger ship growth at PortMiami. The Consultant shall provide all services inclusive of: surface and underground investigations and inspections; subsurface drilling and geotechnical investigations; materials sampling and testing; condition assessments, evaluations and analysis; marine (biological) resources surveys; topographic and bathymetric surveys; berthing studies and mooring analysis; technical presentations and reports; design criteria; designs and specifications; drainage, structural, electrical, telecommunications, and water distribution engineering; cost estimates; schedules; value engineering coordination; construction documents; environmental and building permitting; coordination with regulatory agencies; bidding assistance; and construction phase engineering and inspections services not limited to the review of shop drawings, proposed substitutions, contractor’s pay requests, change order analysis, and claims assistance; and any supportive ancillary tasks to successfully complete all the phases of the project. At the request of the Port, the Consultant shall respond, on short notice, to unforeseen events including but not limited to: Berthing and cargo handling accidents; hurricane and other weather related events that would necessitate the urgent production of marine infrastructure damage assessment reports; including the development of emergency repair plans, specifications, cost estimates and regulatory agency notification and coordination. One (1) qualified consultant will be retained with one (1) non-exclusive Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with a maximum compensation of three million three hundred thousand dollars ($3,300,000) inclusive of contingencies, for an effective term of three (3) years with two (2) one (1) year options to renew. Note that no minimum amount of work or compensation is guaranteed under this agreement. Furthermore, the two (2) one (1) year options to renew are based solely on the approval of the County Mayor or County Mayor’s designee. Experience and Qualifications: The Prime consultant must demonstrate experience in five (5) projects performed in the State of Florida over the past ten (10) years of similar work as described above.
Technical  Certification  :   5.05 Port and Waterway Systems – Cargo Terminal Design (PRIME) 5.08 Port and Waterway Systems – Marine Engineering Design (PRIME) 5.04 Port and Waterway Systems – Cruise Terminal Equipment Design 5.09 Port and Waterway Systems - Environmental Design 6.01 Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems – Water Distribution and Sanitary Sewage Collection and Transmission Systems 8.00 Telecommunication Systems 9.01 Soils, Foundations and Materials Testing – Drilling, Subsurface Investigations and Seismographic Services .02 Soils, Foundations and Materials Testing – Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Services 10.01 Environmental Engineering – Stormwater Drainage Design Engineering Services 13.00 General Electrical Engineering 15.01 Surveying and Mapping – Land Surveying 17.00 Engineering Construction Management
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