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Solicitation Details - E13-WASD-02R This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Program and Construction Management Services for the Implementation of a Pump Station Improvement Program
Opening Date  : 7/3/2013
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   The County Mayor, Miami-Dade County (County), pursuant to Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, Sections 2-8.1 and 2-10.4 of the County Code, Implementing Order 3-34, and Administrative Order (A.O.) 3-39, announces that professional engineering services will be required for the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) for program and construction management services for the Implementation of a Pump Station Improvement Program. PARTICIPATION RESTRICTIONS: Proposers are advised that the selected Program and Construction Management Consultant (PCMC) and its subconsultants will be precluded from participating as a Prime Consultant or Subconsultant at any tier on any of the five (5) contracts for design services for the implementation of a Pump Station Improvement Program under Project Number E13-WASD-03. SCOPE OF SERVICES WASD has a Pump Station Improvement Program (“PSIP”) for upgrading the wastewater collection and transmission system (“WCTS”) that includes pump stations and force mains pursuant to which each pump station has to be certified as capable of meeting a nominal average pump operating time (“NAPOT”) of less than or equal to 10 hours per day. Pump stations exceeding the NAPOT criteria must have a Remedial Action Plan (“RAP”) and no building permits can be issued for connections to the WCTS upstream of that station until the RAP is completed. WASD currently has over one hundred (100) sewage pump stations that do not comply with the NAPOT criteria. In order to accelerate the implementation of the PSIP and timely repair, upgrade or replace the subject pump stations for compliance with NAPOT criteria, WASD recognizes the need for Program and Construction Management services to assist with the implementation of the PSIP. Additionally, the selected consultant will manage an Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) reduction program for those pump stations that require Infiltration/Inflow work as part of its Remedial Action Plans. The scope of services to be provided by Consultant includes, but is not limited to, the following: a) Advise and provide, strategic, and day-to-day oversight and direction to the PSIP. b) Prepare and maintain, together with WASD staff, a Program Management Plan for use by the Program Team. This includes establishing communication protocols as well as design and construction standards. c) Establish standards and guidelines for cost-estimating. The Consultant shall work with WASD staff to ensure that all project cost estimates meet the cost estimating standards. The Consultant shall review cost estimates generated for consistency with the standards and guidelines. d) Develop Engineering Reports, scope of work and preliminary cost estimates for all out of compliance Pump Stations based on the Remedial Action Plans submitted to EPA. e) In the development and implementation of these projects, the Program Manager shall take into consideration, and coordinate the associated work with, regulatory requirements, such as Outfall Legislation, and other Master Plan projects. f) Develop and manage a program master schedule and task schedules and provide budget/cost oversight of all program elements and resources. Manage and track project progress by means of an appropriate software package approved by WASD. g) Develop monthly progress reports that include accomplishments during the most recent reporting period, upcoming activities for the next reporting period, tracking of issues and action items identified, other related information, and contract status. Monthly reports shall be reviewed as part of monthly status meetings with the WASD PSIP Team. h) Assist WASD in the negotiation of fees to be paid to the Design Consultants for each project assigned to them. i) Provide assistance to WASD and Design Consultants during the permitting phase of the projects to ensure compliance with County and State regulations. j) Assist WASD in the review of design documents including constructability reviews. k) Utilize WASD Project Control Tracking System (PCTS), Proliance and Primavera computer software for to track all document activities. Consultant will also provide oversee and support the design and construction management phases of the PSIP program. More specifically, the consultant will perform Project and Construction Management functions for all required projects derived from the Remedial Action Plans and will have the responsibility of managing: a) A pool of five (5) different design consultants that will have the function of preparing the Engineering Reports, Construction Drawings and Technical Specifications required for Pump Station upgrades or replacements. These consultants will also be responsible for obtaining all the required permits and provide technical support during the construction phase including shop drawing and change orders review and approval and any site visits required. b) The contractors selected by WASD to carry out the construction of the required projects (pump station upgrades and replacements and installation or replacement of force mains and gravity lines). c) A pool of four (4) contractors that will conduct the required Infiltration/Inflow testing and repairs as follows: 1) One (1) contractor to perform Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) to include flow isolation, TV inspection, lateral investigation, point repair and grouting. 2) One (1) contractor to perform the required Dig and Replace work. 3) One (1) contractor to perform sectional lining and manhole rehabilitation work. 4) One (1) contractor to perform Cure-In-Place (CIP) work. County’s Intent to Award and Term of Agreement One (1) non-exclusive Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with a five (5) year term with one (1) two (2) year options-to-renew at the County’s sole discretion will be awarded under this solicitation. The total amount of compensation will be negotiated with the selected consultant. No minimum amount of work or compensation will be assured to the retained consultant. The County reserves the right to re-use the work products of the retained consultant and to retain other consultants to provide the same or similar services at its sole discretion. Experience and Qualifications: a) The Prime consultant submitting should be an engineering firm experienced in all phases of wastewater engineering, including design, permitting and construction, of wastewater collection and transmission systems and wastewater pump stations. Respondents shall demonstrate their successful experience with Program and Construction Management Services specifically related to planning, implementing and managing similar regulatory driven programs. b) The Prime Consultant shall demonstrate successful experience with program and construction management services as described above of similar scope and complexity within the last ten (10) years from the date of this solicitation. The Prime Consultant shall provide descriptions of at least one (1) regulatory driven wastewater collection and transmission system, including wastewater pump stations, capital improvement programs in which the Prime Consultant has served as the Program Manager within the past ten (10) years from the date of this solicitation. For projects on which the Respondent has served as the Program Manager, the Respondent shall provide the name and contact information for a key official with the Utility they served as Program Manager who can confirm their role as Program Manager. The descriptions shall include the client (i.e., municipality or agency), key project staff, the project name, percent of project completed to date, a summary of the work performed, the contract amount, the schedule (to include start and completion dates), the specific role of the Prime firm, the Program achievements (e.g., projects delivered on schedule, dollars saved, and a client reference) and contact information. c) The Subconsultants should provide a description of at least one (1) program or project that is relevant to this Scope of Work within the past ten (10) years from the solicitation date specific to their proposed responsibilities for each proposed subconsultant. The descriptions shall include the client (i.e., municipality or agency), key project staff, a summary of the work performed, the contract amount, the schedule (to include start and completion dates), and the specific role of the subconsultant firm, the project’s achievements, and client reference and contact information.
Technical  Certification  :   6.01 Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems - Water Distribution and Sanitary Sewage Collection and Transmission Systems (PRIME) 6.02 Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems – Major Water and Sanitary Sewage Pumping Facilities (PRIME) 17.00 Engineering Construction Management (PRIME) 11.00 General Structural Engineering 12.00 General Mechanical Engineering 13.00 General Electrical Engineering 15.01 Surveying and Mapping - Land Surveying 16.00 General Civil Engineering
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