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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ 147468 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Little River Terrace VCA-UFAS Renovations
Opening Date  : 2/4/2014
Opening Time  : 10:00 AM
Announcement  Info  :   VCA-UFAS RENOVATIONS AT LITTLE RIVER TERRACE AND EXTERIOR SITE: Project Location: 8401 NW 5th Pl, Miami, FL 33150 The contractor must provide all required documentation to obtain all required permits to perform the job. He/she shall supply all necessary labor, tools, materials and equipment needed for the completion of the scope of work as specified PHCD Bid Documents and/or Consultant plans and specifications. All work shall be in compliance with the latest edition of the building code, including revisions and updates, and all applicable Federal, local regulations and ordinances referenced there in, and any other Code having jurisdiction on the project. Project consists of providing accessibility for the physically impaired standards to six (6) units scattered around each different sites. Site accessibility includes revisions to the parking stalls, concrete walkways and ramps connecting the daily use facilities to each UFAS units. Accessibility within the units’ interiors includes: Revisions to partitions and doorways throughout, mainly to meet wheelchair access, etc. Revisions to bathrooms requiring gutting and installation of plumbing fixtures & fittings with accompanying grab bars, electrical, alarm, etc. Revisions to kitchen requiring gutting and installation of cabinetwork, plumbing and appliances. The contractor shall provide an asbestos survey report for all the units in this contract. This will be included in this contract as part of your base bid. There will be an allowance of 72,000.00 dollars in the event that suspect materials were found on some of the existing unit components, the contractor must remove and dispose the asbestos containing materials if they are to be disturbed by renovation activities. The removal of asbestos containing materials is required to be performed by trained/or license personnel in compliance with F.S. 469.001.015. (The $72,000.00 dollars allowance will not be included in your Base Bid). SECTION 3: This is a Section 3 covered activity. Section 3 requires that job training and employment opportunities be directed to low- and very-low income persons and contracting opportunities be directed to businesses that are owned by, or that substantially employ, low- or very-low income persons. FAILURE TO PROVIDE SECTION 3 DOCUMENTS ON OR BEFORE PHCD REQUESTED DUE DATES MAY RENDER BID NON-RESPONSIVE. BID GUARANTEE: Bid Guarantee shall accompany each bid in the amount of 5% of Base Bid, in accordance with Instructions to Bidders. The bid guarantee may be a certified check, bank draft, U.S. Government Bonds at par value, or a bid bond secured by a surety company acceptable to U.S. Government and authorized to do business in the state where the work is to be performed. PERFORMANCE AND PAYMENT BOND: A 100% Performance and Payment Bond is required if: the total Bid, including contingency (10% of Base Bid) and PHCD allowances (if applicable) exceeds $100,000.00. CONE OF SILENCE: Miami-Dade County's "Cone of Silence", Ordinance 98-106 (Section 2-11.1(t) of the Code) approved by the Board of County Commissioners as of July 21, 1998, and amended Jan. 29, 2002, is adopted herein. This ordinance specifically prohibits communication in regard to this bid solicitation with County staff except by written means with copy filed with the Clerk of the Board. Certain exceptions are made such as oral communications during pre-bid conferences and communications with those persons defined in the ordinance regarding matters of process or procedure already contained in the solicitation document. MDPHCD staff and bidders may communicate orally while a bid is in progress and prior to award of bid to clarify Section 3 definitions, requirements and business preference procedures, pursuant the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics ruling on March 10, 2004. Under MCC 7360 PLAN, the “Cone of Silence” takes effect upon advertisement for bids and terminates when recommendation for Award is made by Public Housing and Community Development. The ordinance is attached in Section 00999-3. The County reserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in any bid, or to reject any or all bids. Bids from any person, firm, or corporation ever in default upon any agreement with the County will be rejected. Project Manager: Jorge L. Zaldivar Phone: 786-469-4129 Fax: 786-469-4151 MDPHA Purchasing Specialist: Barry Cowvins 786-469-4235
Technical  Certification  :   GENERAL BUILDING CONTRTACTOR
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