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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ 320801-10-003 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Pelican Marina - Utilities Replacement
Opening Date  : 6/24/2013
Opening Time  : 02:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   1. CONTRACTOR shall review all documents, specifications, plans and scope of work provided by Miami-Dade County Park & Recreation Construction Division for work to be completed. Furnish all labor, equipment and materials required to: Repair and replace utilities and piers structural elements, provide new fire hose cabinets, boat ties, pedestals, light poles, etc. Work is further described below and within plans listed in Item 3 of the RPQ. 1.1) Contractor shall provide twenty four hour, seven days a week, phone number for emergency contact. Contractors contact person shall be able to address and resolve site emergencies on behalf of the contractor. 1.2) Contractor shall obtain all required permits and forward to Miami Dade County Parks within five (5) days of receipt of dry run plans. 1.3) Contractor is responsible for the safety and security of the job site. Any vandalism, theft, etc. which occurs during the construction time is the responsibility of the Contractor. 1.4) Contractor to furnish and install Caution traceable tape on all underground utilities to include but not limited to irrigation, potable water, sewer lines, electrical, telephone, cable, data, etc....Tape to run continuously the entire length of the pipe/conduit and shall be installed 6” below finish grade. Tape shall be labeled according to the line being identified. 1.5) All hand holes in existing and newly installed poles to be grounded in accordance to NEC. 1.6) Contractor is to provide pull string on any empty conduit scheduled for future use. 1.7) Contractor shall schedule the work according to phasing plan provided and in close coordination with PROS. 1.8) Contractor shall comply with all permit requirements including but not limited to: FDEP, Army Corps of Engineers, RER, City of Miami, etc. Is the responsibility of the contractor to maintain permits in active status including those issued to the owner under this project. Contractor shall provide all testing and shall coordinate with PROS and EOR to witness testing as required by EOR. 1.9) Contractor shall be responsible to provide all testing records to EOR and governing authorities as necessary to certify and close permits as required by governing agencies having jurisdiction. 1.10) Contractor shall provide new boat ties when he is not able to salvage the existing. Boat ties damaged during removal shall not be accepted and contractor shall provide replacement at no additional cost to the owner. 1.11) Contractor shall remove and reinstall all emergency telephones and any other utilities attached to structures to be removed and re-attach to new proposed structure when possible. When in conflict contractor shall notify PROS CM. 1.12) Contractor is to provide all necessary embankment/fill material required to grade all areas affected by the construction to include but not limited to building pad, utility trenches, accessible ramp, etc. 1.13) Contractor shall assure that all shop and field welding shall be in accordance with AWS D1.1 Structural welding code, latest edition. All welders shall be AWS-Certified. Contractor shall submit welder certificates to Architect / Engineer for approval before any shop or field welding is started 1.14) Structural steel fabricator must possess a current Miami Dade County certificate of competency. Structural steel fabricator must submit proof of current certificate of competency to Architect / Engineer with shop drawings for approval, prior to fabrication and erection. 1.15) Contractor shall be responsible to verify quantities of all materials required to complete all phases of the project work. Quantities listed within plans shall be assumed as approximate values. Contractor shall be responsible for any and all quantity adjustments required to complete all work within plans. 1.16) Contractor shall import and or remove all fill material required to complete scope of work and to achieve required final elevations as per plans. 1.17) Contractor shall furnish and install 80/20 sand / topsoil mix at final four inches of all landscaped and sodded areas to final grades per plans. 1.18) Contractor is responsible for all MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) required under this project. Inclusive of MOT plans. 1.19) Contractor to provide any exploratory digging as required; inclusive of hand digging. 1.20) Contractor is responsible for any and all dewatering required. All necessary permits required for dewatering are the responsibility of the Contractor. 1.21) Contractor is responsible for all Surveying & Layout required for all phases of work. 1.22) Contractor shall provide As-Builts and must be submitted in the form of a hard copy and in CADD file format (AutoCAD disk, CD or E-mail). Refer to item 21 for further as-built requirements. 1.23) Contractor to coordinate all required inspections/tests and documentation required by any/all governing entities, i.e. City of Miami, Miami-Dade Building Department, Miami-Dade Water and Sewer, Miami-Dade Public Works, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire, Florida Department of Health, DERM, FDEP, South Florida Water Management, Army Corps of Engineers, FPL, etc. 1.24) CONTRACTOR to call Underground Locating Company and have all underground located at least 48 hrs prior to any excavation commencing, and shall provide ticket numbers provided by underground locating company to OWNER. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for ANY AND ALL underground locations within the property line. CONTRACTOR shall provide for any and all means of utility location necessary to carry out the intent of the work. CONTRACTOR to provide any exploratory digging as required; inclusive of hand digging. 1.25) Contractor to coordinate all utility disconnects and reconnects: FPL, Bellsouth, Water and Sewer, Gas Company, Cable, Data, etc. 1.26) Contractor to provide certified fire extinguishers as required by Fire/Building departments and/or as shown within contract plans. 1.27) Contractor shall provide six foot high chain link temporary fencing as per temporary fencing plan, listed in Item 3 of the RPQ, to maintain a safe work site. Temporary fence shall contain green privacy screen and lockable access gates. Contractor shall provide keys for owners use during construction duration of project. Contractor shall not remove temporary fencing until all final inspections are achieved and Certificate of Occupancy or Completion is obtained. 1.28) Contractor shall provide safety barricades, snow fence, etc... To maintain all areas of projects in a safe manner. Public access shall be prevented by contractor’s actions and maintenance of safety barriers. Contractor shall provide and install caution signs “Construction Area Keep Out” as directed. Signs shall be posted on entry locations etc… “Construction Area Signs” shall be minimum 18” high by 24” wide and shall be installed not more than seventy five (75) feet apart and at each entrance to construction area. 1.29) Contractor shall provide As-Builts and must be submitted in the form of a hard copy and in CADD file format (AutoCAD disk, CD or E-mail). Refer to item 21 for further as-built requirements. 1.30) Once submittals are approved, materials are to be ordered immediately. Contractor is fully aware of deadline established and is responsible for any necessary expedited delivery charges. Written delivery date confirmations are to be submitted on a bi-weekly basis. 1.31) MATERIAL or PRODUCT SUBSTITUTIONS: Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation has specified certain brand names because it seeks to match products currently in use at other Park facilities. Any specified products or systems intended to be substituted by the Contractor, has to be submitted to the Project Manager prior to Award. Only one (1) request for substitutions will be considered for each product. When substitutions are not accepted, the Contractor shall provide specified product. The request is to be accompanied by complete cost data of the proposed substitution, substantiating compliance with the contract documents, including product identification and description, performance and test data, references and samples where applicable, and an itemized comparison of the proposed substitution with the product specified. Refer to attached form required with proposed substitution. The request is to be accompanied by data relating to contract time schedule and aesthetic effect when applicable. When redesign by the Architect or Engineer is required to accommodate an alternate product or system, all costs of this redesign are to be paid by the Contractor requesting the substitution. When additional work is required by other contractors to accommodate the alternate product or system, all additional cost of this work is to be paid by the Contractor requesting the substitution. Failure to place orders for specified products or systems sufficiently in advance of installation scheduled date(s) not considered a valid reason upon which Contractor may base request for Substitutions or for deviations from Contract Documents. Requested substitution will be accepted as an approved equal or rejected, solely at the discretion of the Owner’s Project Manager with Architect’s or Engineer’s written approval. 1.32) Work required may include, but is not limited to the following trades: Site-work, Carpentry, Reinforcing Steel, Concrete Placing & Finishing, Site Grading, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, Building Insulation, Roofing, Painting, Landscaping, Etc 1.33) Contractor shall be responsible to furnish all temporary utilities as required to complete all work, this shall include, but is not limited to, electric, water, phone, toilet facilities, etc. Miami Dade County Parks shall not provide any temporary utility services for the contractor’s use. 1.34) CONTRACTORS submitting bids for work are responsible to list appropriate subcontractors required to complete all areas of work required. “Pursuant to Miami-Dade County Budget Ordinance No. 03-192, this Contract is subject to a user access fee under the County’s User Access Program (UAP) in the amount of two percent (2%). All construction services provided under this contract are subject to the 2% UAP. This fee applies to all Contract usage whether by County Departments or by any other governmental, quasi-governmental or not-for-profit entity. From every payment made to the Contractor under this contract (including the payment of retainage), the County will deduct the two percent (2%) UAP fee provided in the ordinance and the Contractor will accept such reduced amount as full compensation for any and all deliverables under the contract. The County shall retain the 2% UAP for use by the County to help defray the cost of its procurement program. Contractor participation in this pay request reduction portion of the UAP is mandatory.”
Technical  Certification  :   GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR
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