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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ HI - 176667A2 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Hurricane Irma - Multiple Parks Fencing Repairs - South 2 - Rebid
Opening Date  : 10/11/2018
Opening Time  : 02:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   HURRICANE IRMA - FENCE REPAIRS AT MULTIPLE PARKS - SOUTH: This project, will seek reimbursement, in part or whole from federal funds through the FEMA Public Assistance Program, and as such, bidder must comply with all applicable Federal Law, Regulations, Executive Orders, FEMA policies, procedures and directives. 1.02 SCOPE OF WORK A. CONTRACTOR shall review all documents, specifications, plans and scope of work provided by Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department for Hurricane Irma fencing repair and/or replacement work to be completed. CONTRACTOR shall perform the work at various Miami-Dade County Park Facilities as identified in the RPQ 176667 - South Project Location Attachment. CONTRACTOR shall furnish all labor, equipment, materials and documentation including photographs required to comply with the intent of the WORK described in the contract documents including but not limited to: 1. The scope of work includes repairs and/or replacement of a variety of fencing types: chain link, wood rail, line posts, terminal posts, gates, privacy fabric, hedge slats, and the removal, disposal and replacement and assembly as applicable. 2. CONTRACTOR shall provide a unit price for each type of work as identified on the Bid Form 00410. Each unit price shall be inclusive of all labor, material, equipment, temporary utilities, labor burden, contract administration and overhead and profit, etc.. 3. Typical chain link fence repairs identified through Hurricane Irma damage assessment included in the scope include but are not limited to the following: Sports field fencing, tennis courts, equipment enclosures, marina security fences, skate park fencing, perimeter chain link fencing, etc. 4. Typical wood fence repairs identified through Hurricane Irma damage assessment in the scope include but are not limited to the following: perimeter fencing, access control, etc. 5. No lag bolt fasteners shall be utilized in the repairs of wood fence. All new fence rail repairs shall use 1/2" x 5" hot dipped galvanized lag screws and corresponding galvanized washers as the fastening method. See wood fence detail for more information. 6. Prior to bid submittal the CONTRACTOR shall visit sites and become familiar with areas and requirements as per scope of work needed in RPQ to perform the work. This is a repair contract based on unit prices. 7. All Hurricane Irma assessment damage values provided are to be considered approximate and not necessarily all inclusive. CONTRACTOR shall be required for site take-off/field measurements for all work. Work shall be scheduled with Project Manager prior to commencement. 8. CONTRACTOR shall document work performed with before, during and after pictures sufficient in clarity to identify type and quantity of work performed. 9.CONTRACTOR shall perform all required daily clean-up of jobsite; all areas shall be left in a broom clean condition. 10. All the Hurricane repair work is time sensitive and must be completed expeditiously. Refer to contract documents for scheduling requirements. 11. This solicitation is non-exclusive and with no guaranteed minimum B. Work is further described and clarified in the contract documents and work shall be performed per plans and specifications listed in 1.27 INDEX OF DRAWINGS & SPECIFICATIONS 1.06 CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENT CLARIFICATIONS Such clarifications are part of the contract documents, any conflicting information shall be brought up to the contract administrator via RFI prior to bid tender for further clarification. A. The Department is processing two (2) separate solicitations for the same scope of work in the South “Region”. It is the County’s intention that a bidder may only be awarded one (1) RPQ; however PROS reserves the right to award both to one vendor if determined in the best interest of the County. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: To receive the bid documents, contact Monique Perez via email at [email protected] The Bid Documents must be requested directly from the Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department or your bid will be deemed non-responsive. EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT: Bidders shall have at least five years in business, and shall demonstrate successful completion of projects similar in size and scope. Bidder shall provide evidence of this experience; project names; dollar values and contract information for verification purposes. This information should be entered on form 00450 Bidder's Statement of Qualifications and Business References, highlighting at least two comparable projects and using additional pages as needed. INSURANCE REQUIREMENT: Refer to Article 1.04 of the Supplemental General Conditions for Insurance requirements. In accordance with Miami-Dade County Implementing Order 3-9, Accounts Receivable Adjustments, if money is owed by the Contractor to the County, whether under this Contract or for any other purpose, the County reserves the right to retain such amount from payment due by County to the Contractor under this Contract. Such retained amount shall be applied to the amount owed by the Contractor to the County. The Contractor shall have no further claim to such retained amounts which shall be deemed full accord and satisfaction of the amount due by the County to the Contractor for the applicable payment due herein.
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