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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ MDADTF-004 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   MDAD MCC 7360 Work Order Based Program Emergency Priority Maint. Const. Serv. FLOORING TERRAZZO
Opening Date  : 3/1/2018
Opening Time  : 02:00 PM
Announcement  Info  :   Scope of Work: (Contractor must obtain and submit all permits prior to performing any work.) The Internal Services Department (lSD), in an effort to create expedited contracting opportunities within the Miscellaneous Construction Contract's (MCC) 7360 Plan and to provide the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) with qualified contractors willing to perform critical on-call services and emergency/priority maintenance work at MDAD's facilities, is working with MDAD to create a work order-based program of contractors to perform these services. The parameters of this work order-based are as follows: 1. All participants must be registered in the MCC 7360 plan. 2. This work order-based program for MDAD emergency/priority work shall be established for a period of 18 months. At the end of the 18 months, MDAD shall evaluate the results of the program and, if the results merit, shall re-advertise this solicitation to increase competition and to allow for the participation of other CSBE firms. 3. One (1) contractor for Flooring trade with a corresponding maximum contract value not to exceed $ 200,000 shall be selected to participate in this work order-based program. Selection of contractor shall be made by MDAD and shall be based on competitive unit prices (including contractor mark-up), qualifications, experience, past performance, availability and capacity. 4. The maximum contract value for this trade shall not exceed $ 200,000. Based on these limits, County Responsible Wages shall be applicable. 5. The selected contractor and his/her employees must comply with all MDAD security requirements including background checks, security badges, specialized aviation-related insurance requirements, etc. For contractors that do not already comply with MDAD's security requirements, MDAD may, at its sole discretion, consider making these security-related expenses reimbursable. 6. Upon selection of participating contractor, individual work orders shall be issued. It should be noted that this program is for on-call emergency/priority services and MDAD does not guarantee that selected contractors will be issued any work. 7. Selected contractor must agree to respond to an emergency/priority call within two (2) hours of first contact from MDAD staff and be available to respond 24 hours per day and 7 days a week with the necessary equipment, materials and labor force to complete the required work in accordance with MDAD's schedule for completion. The definition of an adequate response shall be determined at MDAD's sole discretion on a case-by-case basis. Once a contractor has responded within two (2) hours, MDAD staff will work with the contractor to determine the best course of action, establish the scope of the work and schedule the work. Failure to respond two consecutive times within two (2) hours of being contacted for work may result in the firm being removed from participation in the program. 8. MDAD shall provide selected contractor with sample work order forms and technical specifications for each respective trade as applicable. 9. The scope of work entails maintenance, repair, replacement and/or installation of terrazzo flooring. Actual tasks consist of removal of existing flooring (carpet, terrazzo base, vinyl, tile, marble or other existing flooring) and replacement with an epoxy matrix terrazzo system. The new epoxy matrix terrazzo system shall be 3/8” in thickness and shall be placed according to the specifications; to be distributed by the MDAD Project Manager (PM) at the mandatory pre-bid meeting. MDAD Design Guidelines are accessible via the MIA website upon request. When repair is to be performed to the existing terrazzo and/or floor polishing, it shall be as directed by the PM. Floor leveling work shall be performed utilizing approved concrete leveling mixes and/or feathering products. Applications/techniques shall be such that carpet, vinyl tile, ceramic tile or terrazzo can be installed. The replacement color for repairs shall match the existing in color, finish and chip composition. Preliminary mock-ups and “test patch repairs” shall be required. The majority of work shall be completed at night to minimize impact to the routine Airport business operations. When replacing sections greater than 1 SQ. FT., a waterproofing vapor barrier may be required as well as shot blasting the existing concrete substrate to ensure adhesion predominantly when moisture testing results are above 3 LB/CU. FT. Areas outside the construction limit(s) shall be protected and maintained clean at all times. After each work session, the contractor shall block off the work area and protect the public from all dust, noise, fumes and alike to maintain a safe work site. All new terrazzo shall be protected during the curing period. The use of half wall partitions constructed of 2” x 4” with one side 5/8” gypsum and painted white are to be used as temporary barricades and floor to ceiling polyethylene (plastic) is mandatory Contractors/Prospective bidders are notified that the MDAD PM will coordinate with the Office of Art in Public Places (AIPP) on those areas where “art work” is present to ensure the artwork’s integrity is maintained. A. Minimum Qualifications and Experience Below are the minimum qualifications and experience that the selected contractors must possess in order to participate in this work order-based program for MDAD emergency/priority maintenance work: 1. Contractors must be registered to participate in the MCC 7360 Plan with ISD's Procurement Management Division; 2. Contractors must hold a valid license required to perform work in the following trade: TRADE MAXIMUM CONTRACT VALUE- Specialty Trade- Flooring $ 200,000 3. Contractors must have a minimum of 5 years' experience performing work in their specific trade. In the event a new firm is established by executives, supervisors and other senior field staff (key employees) that would have met these minimum experience requirements with a prior firm, MDAD reserves the right to qualify the new firm, based on MDAD's sole determination and evaluation of the knowledge and prior experience of these key employees employed by the new firm. 4. A contractor qualification questionnaire, to be distributed at the mandatory Pre-bid, must be filled out and submitted with the bid documents. Bidding contractors MUST meet all the requirements of the questionnaire, or will be disqualified from bidding. The required qualifications are: 'Certification' by the manufacturer of the Terrazzo flooring System to be installed. Contractor must have a minimum of five (5) years verifiable experience installing cementitious and epoxy terrazzo and prefabricated terrazzo floor systems. The contractor should have successfully completed at least 3 (verifiable) projects of similar size and complexity (+$100,000.00). All terrazzo installation mechanics who work for the contractor must be individually certified by the manufacturer of the product to be installed at MIA. Sub-contracting of any phase of the work will be unacceptable. 5. Contractors must be able to demonstrate that their firm or its key employees, as described above, have experience performing their respective trade within the company's noted history. Specifically contractors must submit proof that their respective firms have been regularly and successfully engaged in work related to their specific trade. These requirements shall be based on projects completed prior to the submission date. Contact information for projects and/or firms submitted as proof of experience shall be provided by prospective contractors as part of their bid package. MDAD will confirm the listed experience by calling the firms' owners or representatives. Should such evidence not be satisfactory to MDAD, whose decision shall be final, the submission will be considered non-responsive. The qualifying proof with names and phone numbers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope at the time of bid. 6. Contractors must have a minimum average total score of 3.0 in their Contractor Performance Evaluations in ISD's Capital Improvements Information System (CIIS). In the event a new firm has been created that does not have evaluations in the CIIS, the firm that previously employed the key employees of the new firm must have had a minimum average total score of 3.0 in the CIIS Contractor Performance Evaluation Module or the new firm must provide, to MDAD's satisfaction, documentation that the new firm has performed satisfactorily on similar projects within their respective trade. Further, any incidence of project delays in a contractor performance evaluation must be justified to the satisfaction of MDAD. 7. Contractors shall provide an established safety program and implementation policy. Contractors' safety programs shall be reviewed and approved by MDAD post-bid submittal and work orders shall not be issued to any contractor until their safety program is approved by MDAD. 8. Contractors must agree to perform all work in accordance with the scopes of work established by MDAD, the MCC 7360 contract's terms and conditions, all required permits and inspections and all applicable federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations. 9. Prospective bidders are notified that Responsible Wages and Benefits requirements apply to this Request for Price Quotation (RPQ), therefore all labor rates listed on the bid Form under PART II: Unanticipated Scope of Work – shall not be less than those contained in the Wage and Benefits Schedule in effect as of January 1st of the year the work is performed. All labor classification listed in the Bid Form must have a value greater than zero ($0.00) and must be in compliance with the Responsible Wages and Benefits requirements. Failure to submit a price for all labor classification shall be considered a non-curable deficiency and shall render the bid “Non-Responsive” Furthermore, all other Pay Items listed in the Bid Form (Mobilization & Markup) must also have a value greater than zero; failure to comply with this requirement will not constitute a curable deficiency and shall render the bid “Non-Responsive” Note: Pursuant to the requirements of Section 10-3 of the Code of Miami-Dade County, selected Contractors must possess a valid, current, and active State of Florida and/or Miami-Dade County contractor's license issued by the County's Construction Trades Qualifying Board and which is consistent with the requirements of their respective trade and the scope of work. B. Indemnification and Insurance – The Contractor shall furnish certificates of insurance and insurance policies to the Owner prior to commencing any operations under this Contract. Certificates and policies shall clearly indicate that the Contractor has obtained insurance, as required for strict compliance with this specification. Compliance with the foregoing requirements shall not relieve the Contractor from liability under any other portion of this Contract. The Contractor shall be responsible for assuring that the insurance certificates required in conjunction with this section remain in force for the duration of the agreement. In accordance with Miami-Dade County Implementing Order 3-9, Accounts Receivable Adjustments, if money is owed by the Contractor to the County, whether under this Contract or for any other purpose, the County reserves the right to retain such amount from payment due by County to the Contractor under this Contract. Such retained amount shall be applied to the amount owed by the Contractor to the County. The Contractor shall have no further claim to such retained amounts which shall be deemed full accord and satisfaction of the amount due by the County to the Contractor for the applicable payment due herein. If you are qualified and interested in participating in this work order-based program for MDAD emergency/priority maintenance work under the MCC 7360 Plan, please submit your proposal (including unit prices, contractor mark-up, qualifications, proof of requisite experience, availability and capacity) to the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, as specified in the subject Request-for-Price Quotation (RPQ), no later than the bid due date specified above. Your proposal will be reviewed by MDAD and lSD and you will be notified of your selection to participate in this MDAD program. If you have any questions regarding this solicitation, please contact Vivian Forhat-Diaz (MDAD) at (305) 876-8311 or Laurie Johnson (ISD) at (305) 375-3121. Bid Documents shall be distributed at the mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting scheduled for October 14, 2015. The Bid Documents shall include the following: 1. Instructions to Bidders 2. Technical Specifications 3. Bid Forms 4. Pre-Bid Document Package (including sample forms, affidavits, invoice etc.).
Technical  Certification  :   Building Contractor Flooring
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