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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ P0120 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Alex Orr Water Treatment Plant New switchgear Building Phase I
Opening Date  : 7/30/2013
Opening Time  : 10:00 AM
Announcement  Info  :   A. The Project consists of furnishing all materials, labor and equipment necessary to construct the expansion of the Electrical Switchgear Building as indicated on the Plans at the Alexander Orr Jr. Water Treatment Plant to include, but not limited to, demolition work, removals, and disposal of debris; the construction of a one story structure addition consisting of approximately 2,845 sq. ft. including structural work; masonry work; stucco; built-up roofing; two exterior doors; 12’ W x14’ H roll up door; tile; painting; mechanical work; air conditioning, lighting, power, and other electrical work; furnish and install lightning protection system and grounding; construct ductbanks with manhole; installation of 1000 KVA transformer provided by MDWASD; furnishing and installing new equipment; installing switchgear equipment furnished by MDWASD including conduits, raceways, and ducts; re-grade to elevations indicated; picking up equipment at the Department’s Medley facility located at 7301 N.W. 70th Street, Miami, FL 33166 (load, transport, unload, deliver and place for installation in storage as directed by the Engineer at no additional cost to the Department); construct concrete pad, containment curbs and walls and install three (3) new 10MVA transformers provided by MDWASD; install three (3) Department furnished grounding resistor boxes next to the three (3) -10MVA transformers; installing 15 KV and 5 KV switchgear furnished by the Department; furnish and install (3) three new manholes and associated ductbanks and conduits; construct asphaltic paved areas as detailed; furnish and install lightning protection system and grounding; wiring and electrical work; furnish and install sodding; restore site sodding and paving affected by construction; together with all other miscellaneous items and appurtenant work for a complete, functional and satisfactory installation of the project located at 6800 S.W. 87th Avenue, Miami-Dade County, Florida; Section 28, Township 54, and Range 40, in Miami-Dade County, Florida. A. Prime Contractor is required to have a minimum of 5 years experience with construction of Water Treatment Plant facilities with the type of equipment installed on this project (i.e. 10 MVA transformers with resistor boxes, 5 & 15KV switchgear, and other ancillary and associated equipment). All Contractor’s personnel shall have arc-flash safety training. The successful bidder shall submit with the bid, proof that his/her firm has at least the minimum successful contract experience as required for the RPQ being bid. Such proof shall consist of certification to include the list of all projects completed prior to the bid date with the names and telephone numbers of the owners or representatives WASD personnel can call and confirm the listed experience. Should such evidence not be satisfactory to the Engineer, whose decision shall be final, the bid will be considered non-responsive, and the second low bidder will be considered for award. The qualifying proof shall be submitted in a separate sealed envelope with the bid. 1. In the event a firm is established by executives, supervisors and other field staff that would meet these minimum experience requirements with a prior firm, the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department reserves the right to qualify the firm based on WASD’s sole determination and evaluation of the knowledge and prior experience of these employees employed by the new firm. B. In addition to submittal requirements stated elsewhere, to qualify for work on this RPQ the Bidder must have successfully completed a project with industrial high voltage distribution equipment installed as part of the project consisting of at least one (1) 10-MVA transformer and one (1) 15 KV switchgear or larger in the United States for bid to be acceptable.
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