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Solicitation Details - MCC 7360 PLAN RPQ P0212 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   CDWWTP 90-inch Ocean Outfall Permanent Repair of the 90 -Inch Valve Structure
Opening Date  : 3/29/2018
Opening Time  : 10:00 AM
Announcement  Info  :   The project consists of providing all labor, equipment and supplies to perform a permanent repair over the leak (temporarily patched on 8/5/2015) at the top of the existing 90” plug valve structure that is a part of the Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant (CDWWTP) 90” ocean outfall pipeline. The permanent repair includes the installation of a mechanical seal and construction of a tremie slab over the existing 90” plug valve structure. The work of this project includes, but is not limited to, immediate mobilization; providing the services of commercial divers; complying with OSHA requirements; furnishing and installing materials for the repair; furnishing and installing materials necessary for the mechanical seal; constructing a new tremie slab; furnishing and installing concrete, reinforcing and grout materials suitable for a saltwater environment; furnishing and installing fasteners to the existing structure; coordinating with WASD forces to install the mechanical seal at a reduced flow time; providing TV inspection during the work and upon completion; assisting Department forces in inspecting the work; and all other appurtenant and miscellaneous items and work for a complete, fully functional and satisfactory project located near 25°44.698N, 80°7.772W, approximately 4,400-ft offshore from the CDWWTP in Virginia Key, Miami-Dade County, Florida. The Department reserves the right to issue the Notice to Proceed (NTP) at any time after the Award Letter has been issued. Work Hours: Unrestricted 24 hours per day if needed. The Miami Dade County Ordinance No.90-143 is applicable to this Project. The Contractor shall review the "Supplemental General Conditions" and the "Wage and Benefit Schedule" that are included within these documents. In accordance with Miami-Dade County Implementing Order 3-9, Accounts Receivable Adjustments, if money is owed by the Contractor to the County, whether under this Contract or for any other purpose, the County reserves the right to retain such amount from payment due by County to the Contractor under this Contract. Such retained amount shall be applied to the amount owed by the Contractor to the County. The Contractor shall have no further claim to such retained amounts which shall be deemed full accord and satisfaction of the amount due by the County to the Contractor for the applicable payment due herein. Pre-Bid Start at: 10:00AM please be on time All bids are to be turned into OCI Group located on the first floor of the Douglas Building located at 3071 SW 38 Ave. A 5% bid bond will be required along with your bids. Liquidated Damages - $1,000.00 per day.
Technical  Certification  :   General Building Contractor General Engineering Pipelines Engineering Contractor Underground Utility / Excavation
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