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Solicitation Details - E13-MDT-02 This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Continuous Professional Services for NW 27th Avenue Bus Service - Bus Stations
Opening Date  : 12/23/2013
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   The County Mayor, Miami-Dade County (County), pursuant to Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, Sections 2-8.1 and 2-10.4 of the County Code, Implementing Order 3-34, and Administrative Order (A.O.) 3-39, announces that professional architectural and engineering services will be required for the Miami-Dade Transit Department for continuous professional services for NW 27th Avenue Enhanced Bus Service – Bus Stations. Professional services are required to provide preliminary and final design services for the 13-mile NW 27th Avenue Enhanced Bus Service (EBS) project from the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC), extending north along NW 27th Avenue to the Broward County line at NW 215th Street. The scope of services includes the preparation of a complete set of contract documents for the construction and implementation of the NW 27th Avenue EBS project. The design shall be consistent with the approved “NW 27th Avenue Enhanced Bus Service Concepts, Environmental Plan”, dated June, 2013, and the Categorical Exclusion to be approved by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and any other prior studies available, unless otherwise approved by the County. The preliminary engineering phase of the project will refine the definition of the NW 27th Avenue Enhanced Bus Service Concepts, Environmental Plan; resulting in the development of a specific project with definitive scope elements and design features, as well as defined project cost and schedule. Final design services include preparing a biddable set of contract documents in full compliance with the most recent edition of the Florida Building Code, Florida Department of Transportation standards and specifications and all other applicable Federal, State and Local requirements. The scope of work shall include, but not be limited to, bus stations, roadwork (including pedestrian sidewalks, crossings, ramps, signals, and other features related to the safe movement of pedestrians); transit preferential treatments including transit signal priority and signal timing; queue jump and by-pass operations; signing and pavement markings; signalization; traffic studies, simulations and signal warrant analysis, soils and subsurface investigation; surveying services; drainage; lighting; utility coordination/relocation; landscaping; right-of-way engineering, including ordering title search reports, land boundary determination for takings, order of appraisal reports and business/residential relocation support, performing appraisals; maintenance of traffic; define environmental problems, if encountered; define the required environmental permits; environmental mitigation plans; and address Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) federal requirements and regulations. Additionally, the scope of work also includes public information and public involvement activities and development of a Public Information Plan; support to the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs – Art in Public Places; and close coordination with all jurisdictional agencies and authorities. This contract also includes the following options: 1) Post Design and 2) Construction Engineering and Inspection Services (CE&I). The aforementioned services will be negotiated with the selected consultant. One (1) qualified consultant will be retained with one (1) non-exclusive Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with a not-to-exceed compensation of $2,677,125.00 inclusive of a 10% contingency allowance, and an effective term of three hundred and ninety three (393) calendar days. Note that no minimum amount of work or compensation is guaranteed under this agreement.
Technical  Certification  :   16.00 General Civil Engineering (PRIME) 1.02 Transportation Planning – Mass and Rapid Transit Planning 3.01 Highway Systems – Site Development and Parking Lot Design 3.02 Highway Systems – Highway Design 3.04 Highway Systems – Traffic Engineering Studies 3.05 Highway Systems – Traffic Counts 3.07 Highway Systems – Traffic Signal Timing 3.08 Highway Systems – Intelligent Transportation System Analysis, Design and Implementation 3.09 Highway Systems – Signing, Pavement Marking, and Channelization 3.10 Highway Systems – Lighting 3.11 Highway Systems – Signalization 6.01 Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems – Water Distribution and Sanitary Sewage Collection and Transmission Systems 8.00 Telecommunication System 9.02 Soils, Foundations and Materials Testing – Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Services 10.01 Environmental Engineering - Stormwater Drainage Design Engineering Services 10.05 Environmental Engineering – Contamination Assessment and Monitoring 11.00 General Structural Engineering 12.00 General Mechanical Engineering 13.00 General Electrical Engineering 14.00 Architecture 15.01 Surveying and Mapping – Land Surveying 17.00 Engineering Construction Management 20.00 Landscape Architecture
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