12.1: Improve communication with the public through messengers and messages that meet people where they are

Issue Statement and Context

Physical, cultural and, language barriers hinder residents’ abilities to engage and access resources from the County. Over 50% of the population in Miami-Dade are immigrants, 6% are disabled, and many older adults may have diminished mobility, hearing, and/or vision; yet the County is unable to communicate/engage with equal effectiveness with members of Haitian, Indigenous and disabled and older adult communities.

Many of the County’s residents have migrated from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean with deep and generational mistrust of government, as well as state-sanctioned violence against those who speak out against the government. These cultural experiences have not been factored into current or past Miami-Dade engagement approaches.
COVID-19 stop the spread mobile message
COVID-19 stop the spread mobile message

Detailed Action Summary

Improve County/resident communications through partnerships with trusted messengers and more intentional strategies and practices.