Resilient Communities

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Resilient Communities

Across the County, Miami-Dade residents are extremely concerned about climate impacts. Regardless of income, 70% to 80% of residents reported being concerned or extremely concerned about climate impacts. For instance, 76% of respondents are moderately or very concerned about keeping their homes and families safe from natural disasters or hazards. To keep all our communities safe, we need to take early steps now to prepare our County for long-term resilience.

We can begin this process at the neighborhood level. The survey revealed:
Greening Private Buildings was the preferred strategy for...

We heard during Civic Week that residents are ready for resources to improve their neighborhoods and empower their neighbors to do the same. We can use the Adaptation Area Action Plans process to engage in actionable neighborhood planning and maintenance efforts and use these plans to create local jobs that build and maintain the identified neighborhood improvements.


Action 8.1
Expand "Adaptation Action Areas" to build resilience in our communities most vulnerable to climate risk
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Action 8.2
Hire locally to protect and rebuild our environment and infrastructure
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Action 8.3
Launch a countywide initiative to educate and engage residents to protect and clean our environment
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