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Aligning to the Strategic Plan

The final step in the development of the Action Plan included several rounds of facilitated discussions and internal assignments for senior leaders in the administration to: 

  • Test and confirm the feasibility of proposed actions emerging out of the Action Plan Workshops 
  • Identify opportunities to align and amplify the reach of existing County policies and programs
  • Help fill in the gaps in our understanding with additional details to strengthen the proposed actions

To ensure the implementation of the Action Plan, the Office of Management and Budget coordinated with the Mayor’s Division of Innovation and Performance to track progress on each of the actionsand match the actions to the objectives in the County’s Strategic Plan and provide recommendations for updates.

Thrive305 Alignment to the County's Strategic Plan

As part of the administration’s effort to lay the groundwork for an update of the County’s Strategic Plan, which guides how County government allocates funds responsibly and tracks its progress, the Mayor’s Division of Innovation and Performance used Thrive305 data to inform the development of a new set of objectives specific to the Thrive305 Action Plan.

The objectives below are organized under four overarching goals: the “four E’s” introduced by Mayor Levine Cava that have been guiding her administration from the outset.

Each of the actions detailed in this Action Plan are aligned with one or more of the objectives below.


A well-managed built and natural environment that is resilient to climate stressors.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in County operations and community-wide.
  • Restore Biscayne Bay from land and water-based pollution.
  • Prepare for and adapt to sea level rise.
  • Increase mobility options that are efficient, affordable, and benefit the environment.
  • Protect and restore natural habitat, and prevent pollution of air, water, and land.
  • Mitigate extreme heat risks.


Diverse workforce

Our residents and workforce are fully included in all aspects of life in the County regardless of who they are.

  • Advance equitable public and neighborhood safety measures to address community violence. 
  • Increase economic opportunity for disadvantaged and disinvited communities.
  • Operationalize equity through the provision of County services.
  • Increase access for small business owners and entrepreneurs through training, engagement, and community building.
  • Bolster opportunities for small and local businesses in County contracting.


A growing and inclusive economy that creates jobs and invests in local talent, while spurring innovation and investment for the jobs and assets of the future.

  • Build back local businesses adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Support talent development pipelines for jobs in new and emerging industries.
  • Expand and retrofit housing to support workforce needs.
  • Attract an innovative tech eco-system that enhances blue and green jobs.


A community that trusts local government and has timely access to data and information in order to obtain services and influence decision-making in the County.

  • Build capacity for individuals and nonprofits to navigate County services.
  • Increase involvement of local organizations to help address critical socioeconomic needs of our residents.
  • Facilitate community engagement within all aspects of County government.
  • Enhance accessibility to County government to improve the customer experience.
  • Increase participation in the County budgeting process.