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Important Messages

  • The Board of County Commissioners approved the fiscal year 2023-24 budget at the second and final budget hearing on Sept. 21. Read the budget and watch the webcast of the second budget hearing.  
  • Miami-Dade County's Recovery Plan Performance Report provides the public and Treasury information on the projects that recipients are undertaking with program funding and planning to ensure program outcomes are achieved in an effective, efficient and equitable manner.

Community Redevelopment and Municipal Services

Community Redevelopment Agencies can be created to revitalize areas designated as slum and blight.

Read about how to incorporate an area into a new municipality, as well as Municipal Advisory Committees studying incorporation requests.

Boundary changes to a municipality can be initiated by the municipality or by an individual. See a list of current annexation applications.

Bonds Acquisition Administration

Annual reports to bondholders cover all of the outstanding municipal bonds issued by the County through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

These ordinances regulate the sale of bonds, establish the Finance Committee and set the criteria for the underwriting pool.

Financial responsibility for bodily injury and property damage caused by accidental releases arising from operating storage tanks.

County Policies

Search Administrative and Implementing Orders that set Miami-Dade County legislation, policies, procedures, fees and more.

Guidelines and procedures for Miami-Dade County employees to follow.

An alphabetical list of terms used in Miami-Dade County's organization.

The County’s travel policies and procedures ensure all individuals traveling on official County business comply with established requirements.

County boards created by the Board of County Commissioners through ordinance or resolution are subject to a sunset review process on a biennial schedule.

About Us

We develop and implement the County's operating and capital budget to ensure financial resources, department operations and staffing levels are aligned to achieve results driven by policy and customer needs. This promotes a results-oriented government by linking funding recommendations with priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan and departmental business plans.

We update annually the County's Five-Year Financial Plan and manage the Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond (BBC-GOB), Quality Neighborhoods Improvement (QNIP) and Safe Neighborhood Parks (SNP) Bond Programs.

We administer the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Program; review activities of all Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs); support Unincorporated Municipal Service Area (UMSA) CRAs; and provide analysis and support of incorporation and annexation efforts, and policy recommendations for future municipal boundary decisions in Miami­Dade County.

We also manage grant programs and administer Community-Based Organization (CBO) contracts, including the Mom and Pop Small Business Grant Program, to ensure compliance.