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Administrative & Implementing Orders (AO's / IO's)

Implementing Orders (IOs) establish specific Board of County Commissioners legislation or policies that fall under their authority, including fees departments charge to the public. Implementing Orders are submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for their action to accept, amend, or reject. IOs have been established in 2007 or later following the introduction of the “Strong Mayor” form of government.

Administrative Orders (AOs) establish operating methods and administrative procedures, and/or delineate organizational responsibilities for identified procedures, for County departments under the authority of the Mayor. AOs in effect prior to the creation of IOs in 2007 remain in effect until amended by the Mayor or BCC, as appropriate for the subject matter. View County Procedure 100, AO/IO preparation.


About Us

We develop and implement the County's operating and capital budget to ensure financial resources, department operations and staffing levels are aligned to achieve results driven by policy and customer needs. This promotes a results-oriented government by linking funding recommendations with priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan and departmental business plans.

We update annually the County's Five-Year Financial Plan and manage the Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond (BBC-GOB), Quality Neighborhoods Improvement (QNIP) and Safe Neighborhood Parks (SNP) Bond Programs.

We administer the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Program; review activities of all Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs); support Unincorporated Municipal Service Area (UMSA) CRAs; and provide analysis and support of incorporation and annexation efforts, and policy recommendations for future municipal boundary decisions in Miami-­Dade County.

We also manage grant programs and administer Community-Based Organization (CBO) contracts, including the Mom and Pop Small Business Grant Program, to ensure compliance.