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The Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute’s (MDPSTI) Specialized Video Production Unit is comprised of both Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) and Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation (MDCR) video production specialists.Woman with video camera

The Specialized Video Production Unit offers a wide range of video production services to support all departmental functions, including:

  • training,
  • investigations,
  • media relations,
  • community awareness, and
  • special events. 

It also provides aerial, underwater, and tactical video support to MDPD. The Specialized Video Production Unit is the only civilian unit that utilizes police protective gear in order to document law enforcement operations in high-risk areas for police training purposes.

Types of Production

Types of production include:

  • Documentation of various police operations, such as warrants, jump outs, and multi-agency task force operations as requested by the Media Relations Bureau for media release. 
  • Communication and public awareness for high priority public safety issues such as: airport and seaport security, child internet safety, mortgage fraud, and identity theft.
  • Roll call training for skill development, as well as changes is law, policy, and procedure.
  • Reenactments, for investigative support.
  • Documentation of special events, such as academy graduations, promotional ceremonies, and commemorative events.

Entities wishing to utilize Video Services in support of a MDPSTI or departmental function may do so by e-mailing a completed Video Production Planning form to Diana Diez e-mail.

Outside entities requesting a copy of materials produced by the Video Services Unit must submit a public records request to: 

Major Carlos D. Gonzalez
9601 NW 58 ST
DORAL, FL  33178


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