Miami-Dade Police Department Support Services Division


List of Videos Produced for Miami-Dade Police Department's Support Services Division

  • Communications Center - police training video for CAD System and update videos
  • Communications Center 911: the Life Savers overview video
  • Property and Evidence Bureau video - documented the deterioration of marijuana evidence for State Attorney Office
  • Property and Evidence Bureau police training video
  • 4POLICE PSA and informational video
  • Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute (MDPSTI) Trigger Gun-lock study for Firearms Unit Property
  • MDCR - edited MDCR Inmate Training videos MDCR Shot, edited and produced overview of MDCR informational video
  • MDPSTI Sensitivity Policing Training - interviewing 
  • MDPSTI LEO Awards presentation
  • MDPSTI North Miami Beach promotional video
  • MDPSTI Graduations/ Promotions
  • MDPSTI E-Police training
  • Video on Demand Segments (recent)
  • Meet TPU
  • Honor Guard
  • DUI Poster Contest
  • MDPSTI Groundbreaking
  • Kristen Gray Case
  • Director Loftus Investiture
  • BAM
  • Flag of Honor
  • Shop with a Cop

MDPSTI promotional videos to promote courses at Institute:

  • Mexican Kidnapping Unit Course
  • FBI Colombia Course
  • Female Survival Course
  • Kettlebells
  • Rapid Deployment Force
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Blood Stain Analysis Course
  • TOMCATS Cargo Theft Seminar
  • Police Diving Course
  • Hounds and Hares
  • Surveillance Course
  • Explorers Academy
  • Retirements 
  • Investitures: Director Taylor, Director Alvarez, Director Parker, and Director Loftus
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