Cargo & Trade

Cargo Safety & Security 
The safety of port users and the security of our facilities is a top priority at PortMiami. In collaboration with various federal, state and local agencies, we monitor all areas of the Port.

Foreign Trade Zone
FTZ 281 is a General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone established under the Alternative Site Framework (ASF).  The ASF provides an expedited process to becoming an FTZ site.

PortMiami is your Perishables Express Lane to the United States.

Shipping Lines and Schedule
PortMiami is the No. 1 container cargo port in the State of Florida, handling more than 1,007,782 TEUs each year.

PortMiami is ideally situated as the nexus between Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, making it an ideal transshipment hub.


Global Gateway

PortMiami is one of the world’s leading hubs for global commerce and tourism. Its gateway location in the center of the Western Hemisphere makes the Port a significant conduit for international trade and commerce. PortMiami stands as the U.S. container port closest to the Panama Canal, providing shippers fast access to Florida’s booming local consumer base and the entire U.S. market.


Container Terminals

As a landlord port, PortMiami maintains lease agreements with cargo terminal operators. Terminal operators furnish wharfage, dock, warehouse and other marine terminal services. For assistance regarding terminal services, please contact any of the following terminal operators.

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Cargo Facts

Capital improvements in excess of $1 billion are now complete. PortMiami is ready for the new generation of containerized cargo. We are Big Ship Ready!

Total Trade by Region*
Latin America and the Caribbean make up PortMiami’s largest trade region. PortMiami is constantly working on maintaining and strengthening trade with these and other regions worldwide. With the completion of the Deep Dredge Project, trade with Asia will increase as PortMiami benefits from a shift in trade from West Coast to East Coast ports.

Pie chart depicting trade by region

* Data reflects volume for the fiscal year that ended September 30, 2016.








Historical Snapshot
Cargo Volumes
Item 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
TEUs 909,917 901,454 876,708 1,007,782 1,028,156
Cargo Ships Docked 1,649 1,348 1,231 1,422 1,081
Inbound Tonnage 3,886,315 3,961,208 3,871,906 4,567,926 4,749,255
Outbound Tonnage 4,222,135 4,019,319 3,827,980 4,045,813 4,028,719
Total Tonnage 8,108,450 7,980,527 7,699,886 8,613,739 8,777,974



Berth Requests

Visit the Online Berth Request website to submit, modify, track, or cancel berthing requests.

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