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PortMiami is one of the world’s leading hubs for global commerce and tourism. Its gateway location in the center of the Western Hemisphere makes the Port a significant conduit for international trade and commerce. PortMiami stands as the U.S. container port closest to the Panama Canal, providing shippers fast access to Florida’s booming local consumer base and the entire U.S. market. More than $1 billion of capital infrastructure projects were invested to transform PortMiami into a major U.S. global gateway. It is the only major logistics hub south of Virginia capable of handling fully laden post-Panamax vessels.


PortMiami is the closest U.S. East Coast port to Mexico’s thriving Gulf Coast. Its existing containerized cargo services to Veracruz, Altamira, and Puerto Morelos provide shippers an ideal gateway for Mexican manufactured goods and agricultural products. 

Advantages of PortMiami-Mexico’s All-Water Route includes, fast to market, substantial savings, and increased supply chain certainty.

Deep water accessibility and intermodal connections to the national rail system among other deployed infrastructure improvements make PortMiami an ideal gateway for Mexican exports to Florida and the Southeastern United States. Learn more


The PortMiami-Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway connection offers the fastest access to Southeastern U.S. consumer markets and beyond. With the deepening of our channel to –50/–52 feet, PortMiami's rail access offers and increased speed to market and more opportunity for shippers and ocean carriers alike.


As a landlord port, PortMiami maintains lease agreements with cargo terminal operators. Terminal operators furnish wharfage, dock, warehouse and other marine terminal services. For assistance regarding terminal services, please contact any of the following terminal operators.

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Cargo by Regions

Capital improvements in excess of $1 billion are now complete. PortMiami is ready for the new generation of containerized cargo. We are Big Ship Ready!

Total Trade by Region
Latin America and the Caribbean make up PortMiami’s largest trade region. PortMiami is constantly working on maintaining and strengthening trade with these and other regions worldwide. With the completion of the Deep Dredge Project, trade with Asia will increase as PortMiami benefits from a shift in trade from West Coast to East Coast ports.

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Historical Snapshot
Cargo Volumes
Item 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
TEUs 876,708 1,007,782 1,028,156 1,020,192 1,083,586
Cargo Ships Docked 1,649 1,348 1,231 1,422 1,081
Inbound Tonnage 3,886,315 3,961,208 3,871,906 4,567,926 4,749,255
Outbound Tonnage 4,222,135 4,019,319 3,827,980 4,045,813 4,028,719
Total Tonnage 8,108,450 7,980,527 7,699,886 8,613,739 8,777,974



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