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The movement of cargo is critical to sustain economic activity and maintain community demands.

PortMiami keeps cargo flowing by working closely with its industry partners - trucking companies, truckers, terminal operators Port of Miami Terminal Operating Company, Seaboard Marine, and South Florida Container Terminal, the International Longshoremen Association, and the warehousing community, among so many others, to keep cargo moving from ship to shelf.

From ship - to port - to terminal - trucking and rail – PortMiami keeps goods flowing to America’s shelves.


Serving Cargo Customers with Big-Ship Capabilities

PortMiami’s cargo industry has always played a vital role and has taken a leading stance in the local economy with the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the industry, cargo continues to move successfully from ship to shelf through container services.

PortMiami’s location not only serves its ocean carrier customers seeking to benefit from the Global Gateway’s proximity to the Caribbean and South America, but also exhibits how vital the cargo business is to Miami-Dade County’s community.



Multimodal interconnectivity provides additional advantages to PortMiami’s customers.

The Port of Miami Tunnel is utilized by more than 23 million vehicles and provides a direct link to the Interstate highway system and takes about 80 percent of port traffic off Downtown Miami streets.

Florida East Coast on-dock intermodal rail delivers goods to 70 percent of the U.S. population within four days.

Connectivity is furthered by our cooperation with and close proximity to Miami International Airport, which ranks No. 1 among U.S. airports in international cargo volume and No. 3 in international passenger traffic.

PortMiami’s shipping channel measures -50/-52 feet, capable of accommodating today’s big ships. The Port is the closest deep-water port to the expanded Panama Canal on the Atlantic Seaboard.


Historical Snapshot
Cargo Volumes
Item 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
TEUs 1,028,156 1,020,192 1,083,586 1,120,913 1,066,738 1,254,062
Cargo Ships Docked 1,231 1,422 1,081 958 868 939
Inbound Tonnage 3,871,906 4,567,926 4,749,255 5,745,632 5,792,134 6,834,613
Outbound Tonnage 3,827,980 4,045,813 4,028,719 4,375,938 3,933,140 4,314,614
Total Tonnage 7,699,886 8,613,739 8,777,974 10,121,570 9,725,274 11,149,227



As a landlord port, PortMiami maintains lease agreements with cargo terminal operators. Terminal operators furnish wharfage, dock, warehouse and other marine terminal services. For assistance regarding terminal services, please contact any of the following terminal operators.

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Port users and the cargo community can avoid congestion with our terminal cameras.

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