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    Workers' Compensation

    Lynda Slade Bendavid, Section Head

    The Workers' Compensation Section provides legal representation and advice in all legal matters relating to Florida's workers' compensation law for both Miami-Dade County, one of the largest employers in Miami-Dade County and the Public Health Trust, which operates Florida's largest public hospital, with a combined workforce of over 38,000 employees. Our attorneys litigate and administer the claims of all covered employees who are injured on the job or incur an occupational disease. In this high-volume practice, we strive to provide employees with all medical and wage replacement benefits to which they are entitled, while objecting to and litigating any unwarranted claims. All litigated claims are brought before specialized courts under the State of Florida's Division of Administrative Hearings and are heard by Judges of Compensation Claims. All appeals arising from workers' compensation Final Compensation Orders are filed exclusively in the Florida First District Court of Appeals.

    Our attorneys handle all aspects of workers' compensation cases from inception to resolution, defending claims involving nearly every conceivable medical condition, including work-related psychiatric diagnoses, respiratory ailments, heart conditions, and orthopedic conditions. We regularly conduct depositions and cross-examine medical experts and fact witnesses, review medical records and bills, prepare memoranda of law to be submitted to the trial and appellate courts, appear at hearings, and deliver oral arguments. We are also responsible for advising the County's Risk Management Division and all County departments regarding workers' compensation law and the application of various resolutions and ordinances adopted by the Board of County Commissioners relating to on-the-job injuries, remote workplaces, and employee safety.

The following are attorneys who specialize in this practice area:

Daron Fitch

Marlene P. Klein

Stacey R. Laskin

Lynda Slade Bendavid