Miami-Dade County's Web Portal

Miami-Dade County's web portal,, is the official online source to access government information and services. It is also the platform for viewing webcasts of government meetings, accessing surveys and submitting feedback, performing online transactions, and subscribing to receive mobile alerts, public notices and e-newsletters. Users can also create a profile to link to their Water and Sewer Department account.

The County's web portal launched Jan. 15, 2019. The new website was under development since 2016, with hundreds of pages being restructured and content rewritten to be more concise and easier to read. Using plain language has enhanced accessibility and optimized content to be machine readable by virtual assistants and other devices. The most popular services and essential government information are at the forefront with refreshed, service-driven content, a mobile-friendly design and helpful search features.

For its work, Miami-Dade County won the 2019 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award for the new in the category of Civic Education and Public Information. The award honors innovative, effective county government projects that strengthen services for residents.

In addition, Miami-Dade County won the Overall County Government Experience Award from the Center for Digital Government (CDG) for its web portal and digital channels, a nationwide honor that recognizes achievements and best practices in delivering citizen services online. is continuously tested and improved with your help and participation.