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Recruitment Process

The Office is committed to recruiting motivated and outstanding law students and attorneys who wish to be a part of a growing, exciting, and broad-based practice. The Office reflects the diversity of the County that it represents.

The Office provides a unique opportunity for individuals who are willing and able to accept responsibility early and often; Assistant County Attorneys engage in important legal work from day one.  That responsibility continues through the life of a case or ordinance, including appeals; it is not unusual, for example, for an attorney to be involved in the drafting of an ordinance, a trial involving a challenge to its validity, and one or more appeals from that trial.

Because of the low turnover among our attorneys, the Office is able to hire only a fraction of the many outstanding attorneys who apply each year.  Most of the Office’s new hires are experienced attorneys, having achieved success at the nation’s top law schools, and having served as judicial law clerks, associates at corporate law firms, and government attorneys with other agencies prior to coming to the Office.  Most of the attorneys who began their legal careers with the Office previously served as summer clerks while they were in law school.

Our salary structure compares very favorably with other governmental law firms throughout the nation and enables attorneys to make careers of law practice in public service.  Salaries are in addition to insurance, pension, and other significant economic benefits.  Vacation and other lifestyle considerations, together with the satisfaction of contributing to the public good, round out the rewards.

If you would like to apply for a position as an Assistant County Attorney, please submit a cover letter, resume, and law school transcript to:

Gerald K. Sanchez
First Assistant County Attorney
Miami-Dade County Attorney’s Office
111 NW First Street, Suite 2810
Miami, Florida 33128

E-mail:  [email protected]

Resumes & Written Inquiries

Gerald K. Sanchez
First Assistant County Attorney
Miami-Dade County Attorney's Office
111 Northwest First Street, Suite 2810
Miami, Florida 33128

(305) 375-5151
(305) 375-5634

[email protected]