Vibrant Economy
Vibrant Economy

Sustainability is all about balance. Sustainability is the sweet spot in the center of three equally important pillars: the environmental, society and the economy. A vibrant economy is key to sustainability, and we increasingly understand that sustainability is key to a vibrant economy. A sustainable economic strategy is vital to address the environmental and social challenges while creating new opportunities for local businesses and creating the economic conditions to attract new and emerging clean industries. The green economy agenda builds on our sustainability strategy and provides the framework for improving resource use efficiency, reducing waste and pollution, and seeking alternative solutions for goods and services.


    Create green jobs  
    Cultivate an innovative and sustainable economic infrastructure that creates 20,000 green jobs by 2020 while building on our economic strengths and adding to our competitiveness in the global economy.


    Build on our international reputation to become a green enterprise destination
    Increase the percentage of green hotels, eco-tourism, and hospitality related businesses.


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"A recent study of chief executives worldwide highlighted the importance of sustainability in the economy. 80 percent of CEOs believe that the economic downturn has raised the importance of sustainability as an issue for top management. 93 percent of these same CEOs see sustainability as important to their company’s future success."

UN Global Compact- Accenture CEO Study 2010