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PRIDE in Action

Employee’s Name: Noah Rosenblatt

Submitted by Sherri Fisher

Voice of the Customer via E-mail: I wanted to take a minute to praise one of your employees, Noah Rosenblatt. Noah is a real tribute to Miami Dade County and the kind of person we want representing the County. I worked with The Mayor's office and the Finance Dept. for many years as an Investment Banker/ Bond Underwriter to the County.

My wife and I were on our way to the airport to catch a flight to Venezuela. As we left 360 Condo the car was making a funny noise, when we got to the entrance to the Marina we pulled in and determined we had a flat tire.

This is a new car we bought a couple of months ago and I wasn't familiar with where everything was to change a tire. In fact I told my wife to call a cab and go ahead to the airport and I would deal with the car. Before she got a cab Noah arrived on the scene, he not only found the jack and parts for me but he changed the tire for me in just a few minutes and got us on our way. We made it to the airport on time and she caught her flight without problems.

Noah really generates goodwill on the part of the County, something not all County employees do. Hopefully this letter makes it into his HR file and will be considered positively in his annual review. THANK YOU NOAH!

Employee’s Name: Alex Perez

Submitted by Tommy Salleh

I wanted to take a moment to report PRIDE in action.  Our Marina Attendant, Alex Perez, has been working with us for over 2 years.  Last Sunday, Alex helped a vessel and it's passengers in distress. 

Alex was conducting a dock check in the marina when he noticed one of the sailing rental boats in distress near the shoreline. He quickly sprang into action to assist. Alex directed a co-worker to get our emergency line from the storage room as he ran over to the shore to help the captain with the stranded vessel.  Alex was able to calm the captain and his passengers, which were in danger of drifting and crashing into the rocky shoreline. He instructed the captain on how to take the sail down and where to position the rudder. 

With a herculean throw he was able to get our emergency line to the captain. Along with the help of his co-worker Rene Gonzalez, Alex was able to pull the incapacitated vessel to the nearby courtesy dock where he was able to lift 2 of the elderly passengers off the vessel and onto the dock. With the passengers on dry land now, he was able to turn his attention to the immobilized vessel. With experience, he was able to get the motor running again and with the boat's captain, bring the vessel back into the marina under its own power.

What really made this story stand out to me was the amount of skill that was involved with the actions and decisions Alex made. I believe any PROS employee would help anybody in need, but without having the necessary skills they might not be able to. This story is a shining example on how we have the most skilled employees in our department.

Employee’s Name: Lebert Perrin

Submitted by Chris Hernandez

Lebert Perrin has worked at Crandon over 30 years as a lead guard enforcing park rules and keeping the park safe for all to enjoy! He has always executed his duties in the most gentle but firm manner; often diffusing situations that could have escalated and required police involvement. He has never limited his role to just patrolling the park: he has been a maintenance tech (he carries a toolbox in his vehicle to conduct simple repairs), tollbooth attendant, and party planner!

There has not been one year that goes by without Lebert helping to organize, provide entertainment, and MC'ing a holiday or retirement party. Lebert has also trained staff and been a mentor to many, and truly exemplifies our mission, vision, and core values!

Employees’ Names: Renae Nottage and Shawn Ramirez

Submitted by Mercy Morgan (via Eddie Martinez)

Renae and Shawn, I just want to thank you both for the event yesterday, the kids at Westwind said it was the best fieldtrip/event they have gone to this summer. Thank you for putting this together. The campers at Westwind (sent following a field trip to see the Marlins)

Employees’ Names: Jody Cox; Camila, Kevin, Ninfa, Carol, Sam, Charmaine and Brittany from Gould’s Park Disability Services

Submitted by Lucy Binhack (as written to her by a customer)

I  wanted to thank Jodi Cox for six wonderful years of hard work and dedication as my daughter Maggie graduates from Miami-Dade Parks Disability Program at Gould's Park. With the help of her dedicated staff, the program at Gould's Park will really be missed.

Maggie started the program almost in the beginning and I was afraid that because she couldn't speak or walk and needed much assistance with everyday tasks that she would not be able to stay in the program. My heart felt good knowing that my disabled child was finally accepted and was able to participate in sports, arts and crafts and enjoy many very nice field trips around the Miami-Dade county area.

The program concentrated on what Maggie was able to do, instead of what she couldn't do.  She walked the track with her walker, she was able to play on the playground, she splashed in the pool without her life vest and learned to go under the water. But the best part was Maggie making so many nice friends that made her feel welcome and part of the group.

Again I want thank Jodi for her enthusiasm and dedication to the disabled children of South Dade. I also want to thank the staff, Camila, Kevin, Ninfa, Carol, Sam, Charmaine, and Brittany for taking such good care of my daughter. I would recommend the sports and recreation camp at Gould's Park to any parent wanting a quality program for their disabled child.

Employees’ Names: Disability Services Division

Submitted by: Lucy Binhack
Parks Disability Services staff received a $1,000 compliment from the Autism Society of Miami Dade.  Enclosed with a letter from the Autism Society President, was a check made out to the Leisure Access Foundation for $1,000.  The reason for the surprise donation? 

"Your program has been selected because of the wonderful work you do here in the Miami area and we want you to know that we appreciate all that you do for our children."

MDPROS is PROUD of Supervisors Kim Fowler, Gisel Prado, Celia Leyva, Arlene Bouza-Jou, Belinda Phillips, Jody Cox and all the PDS Recreation Leaders, Recreation Specialists, Drivers, Custodian, Account Clerk, and volunteers that help them run great programs for persons with Autism.

Employees’ Names: Arlene Bouza-Jou, Gisel Prado, Celia Leyva, Kim Fowler, Belinda Phillips, Garland Jones, Eddie Martinez, Tommy Rey, Yenny Arias, Cesar Azuaje, Victor Robles

Submitted by: Lucy Binhack
In February, Parks Disability Services held the 9th Annual Family Festival of Arts & Games for Children with Disabilities and their Families at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park. Arlene Bouza-Jou did an excellent job of planning and coordinating this event with support from Gisel Prado, Celia Leyva, Kim Fowler, Belinda Phillips, and Garland Jones.

Arlene also worked closely with KIH Park Manager Eddie Martinez and his excellent and enthusiastic staff of Tommy Rey, Yenny Arias, Cesar Azuaje, and Victor Robles, who welcomed our customers to the park with a clean, organized and beautiful natural setting for our event. Cleaning up after the event, I felt proud of our team-the PDS staff and the KIH staff-and the great time we created for children with disabilities and their families.

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