Berth Requests

Under Terminal Tariff No. 010 Adobe Acrobat Logo, the ship's agent for a vessel desiring a berth must submit their request to PortMiami as far in advance of the date of docking as possible. The request shall specify the following:

  • Name of vessel
  • Size
  • Date and estimated time of arrival
  • Date and time of sailing
  • Nature and quantity of cargo, if any, to be loaded or unloaded

Ship's agents and shipping lines may submit, modify, track, or cancel requests using our convenient Online Berth Request system. Notifications detailing the status of the request will be sent by email. To protect users' privacy, it is necessary to register with the Berthing Office prior to using the system in order to obtain the necessary credentials.

PortMiami Berthing Office
1015 North America Way
Miami, Florida 33132
Phone: 305-347-4854
Fax: 305-347-4858
Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, a hard copy of the request may be submitted using the Request for Ships' Berth Assignment form Adobe Acrobat Logo.


Virtual Port Image

Visit the Virtual PortMiami Image to view a visual representation of all approved berth assignments for a specific date and time -- past, current and future. Vessels are represented to scale and in exact approved position which is useful for husbandry agents, ship lines, cargo and cruise lines, pilots and crew.


Certain Dangerous Cargo

If a vessel is carrying dangerous cargo, cargo tenants must submit a completed Certain Dangerous Cargo (CDC) Notification Form Adobe Acrobat Logo by fax to PortMiami's Berthing Office.

Requirements for handling ''Cargo of Particular Hazard''

When a shipping line or vessel agent sends out an Advance Notice of Arrival to the U.S. Coast Guard through the National Vessel Movement Center and any Cargo of Particular Hazard as defined by 33 Code of Federal Regulations 126.3 is identified, notifications must be made to PortMiami's Berthing Office via fax at 305-347‐4858.

In accordance with the requirements of the 33 CFR 126.16, the Port has installed three 200‐watt, 120VAC, amber emergency rotating flashing light alarms. These light alarms were placed at specific locations on Lummus and Dodge Island, ranging from 80‐100 feet high. In the event of a fire or cargo release, notifications will be made via telephone by the responsible operator handling the "Cargo of Particular Hazard" to the Seaport Berthing Office at 305-347‐4853. However during the hours of 1:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., please use 305-347‐ 4800 as an alternate contact for dispatch to energize the emergency alarms.

Upon dispatch, the USCG will send out a continuous message to mariners via UHF and VHF bands to warn approaching or transiting water traffic of immediate danger. The alarms will be energized until the event is complete.


Berth Requests

Visit the Online Berth Request website to submit, modify, track or cancel berthing requests.

Berth Requests

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Channel Depths

Our entrance channel, eastern turning basin and Fisherman's Channel on our South side is 42 feet.

Government Cut on our North side is 40 feet along the center of the channel, changing to 36 feet at the North side bulkhead where the cruise ships dock.