On-dock Rail

Fastest Trade RouteThe PortMiami-Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway connection offers the fastest access to Southeastern U.S. consumer markets.

PortMiami is an oceanfront port with only 2.5 miles from buoy to dock which reduces pilot costs and improves turn-around times. With FEC Railway offering backhaul opportunities to increase roundtrip efficiencies, the port offers significant opportunities to save money and time.

  • 50-foot channel
  • On-dock intermodal rail service
  • Direct highway access via tunnel
  • Foreign Trade Zone 281
  • Convenient customs service
  • Super Post-Panamax cranes
  • Up to 1.5 million sq. ft. of dry and refrigerated
  • Warehouse / distribution and transloading space co-located with the FEC intermodal ramp


Phase One of the rail restoration project was completed in October 2013. The scheduled completion of Phase Two is summer 2014, and the final phase is scheduled for completion, making the track fully operational, by the end of 2014.  Once complete, PortMiami will have 9,000 feet of track and will be running daily train service.


Increased Speed To Market

Deepening its channel to –50 feet, PortMiami will be the closest U.S. port to the Panama Canal able to berth mega-ships from Asia following completion of the canal’s expansion, expected in 2016. Featuring on-dock rail service from FEC Railway and direct highway access for trucks, PortMiami will become the first port of call on a new route that increases speed to market and reduces supply chain expense for shippers and ocean carriers alike.

Time to Market
PortMiami and FEC's Inland Intermodal Rail Network
Orlando, FL 1 Day
Atlanta, GA 2 Days
Charlotte, NC 2 Days
Memphis, TN 3 Days
Nashville, TN 3 Days


Direct Access To High Value Consumer Markets

The Miami metropolitan area is the most densely populated urbanized area in the Southeastern United States and other major cities in the region are reachable by rail within 10 hours to 3 days. This proximity to the majority of the region’s consumers and exporters makes PortMiami the most efficient entry point for goods flowing to and from the Southeast U.S.


On-Dock "Truck-Like" Intermodal Service

Florida East Coast Railway

FEC Railway consistently provides the most reliable freight transportation service between Southeast U.S. markets and the world. The on-dock intermodal rail facility provides shippers the with absolute lead times that match or exceed those of trucking, but with greater reliability and reduced carbon emissions. The PortMiami – FEC connection offers the fastest access to Southeastern U.S. consumer markets.