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A taxicab is a for-hire motor vehicle that transports up to eight passengers (exclusive of the driver) and provides either street hail or pre-arranged taxicab service.

Cabs are equipped with a taximeter, and the passenger controls the route and destination. Drivers of such vehicles must have a chauffeur's registration, and the vehicles must be inspected.


A maximum taxicab meter rate or a flat rate may be charged. All rates including flat fares must be programmed into the meter. Whenever the meter is used, it must start a $2.95 (Rate 1).

The meter can only start at $4.95 (Rate 2) when the trip originated from Miami International Airport (MIA) and Port of Miami and it is not a flat rate zone. If it is a flat rate, the trip must begin or end at MIA. This rate includes the MIA and Port of Miami $2 surcharge.

The metered rate is calculated at:

  • $2.95 for first 1/6 of a mile
  • $0.85 for each additional 1/6 mile until 1 mile
  • $0.40 for each 1/6 mile after that
  • $0.40 per minute ($24 per hour) wait charge

Trips to/from Miami International Airport to the Port of Miami cost $27.

Road tolls are in addition to the metered fare. The passenger pays the lower SunPass rate. 

Tipping is optional but customary. The passenger is entitled to receive a receipt.

Find the estimated cost of cab fare in Miami-Dade County using TaxiFareFinder. This is an independently-owned business, unaffiliated with Miami-Dade County. Rates are subject to change.

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What passengers should know

Riders should know the following about riding in a taxicab:

  • Passengers should make sure the driver is registered and the vehicle is licensed. There must be a decal and/or license number on the exterior of the vehicle, and the driver's picture and registration number must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard.
  • Taxis in Miami-Dade County are required to have a SunPass transponder. This allows taxicab drivers to add tolls to the fares but at the discounted SunPass rate.
  • There is no per passenger or baggage charge.
  • Flat rate taxi service applies to trips to and from Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami, the beaches, the Village of Key Biscayne and two zones close to the airport.  Flat rate guides should be posted on the right rear passenger window.
  • The meter starts when the taxi begins the trip toward the desired destination.
  • Complete the Taxi Complaint Form to submit a complaint about a taxi driver or cab. Provide your contact information if you would like us to follow up.

As a for-hire passenger you have the right to:

  • Outstanding service.
  • Air conditioning as soon as you enter the vehicle unless you request otherwise.
  • The chauffeur taking the most direct route unless you request a different route.
  • Be transported without fear or refusal.
  • A chauffeur who knows and obeys all traffic laws.
  • A radio-free (silent) trip.
  • Smoke and incense-free air.
  • A courteous, English-speaking chauffeur who knows the streets of Miami-Dade County. 
  • A receipt offered for the fare charged.
  • A clean passenger and trunk compartment and vehicle exterior.
  • Know the chauffeur registration number.
  • Be transported in compliance with the standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Wheelchair Accessible Cab (WAC) Service

In 2003, the County passed an ordinance implementing a wheelchair accessible taxicab program. The law established a goal of having at least 3% of all taxicabs being wheelchair accessible. Currently, there are 80 such taxicabs, amounting to 3.8% of all cabs.

All Wheelchair accessible cabs are modified and equipped to facilitate the transportation of wheelchairs and other vehicles used by persons with mobility impairments. Additionally, drivers are trained and certified in the safe and proper methods of securing and transporting passengers who use wheelchairs.

As of June 1, 2010, all wheelchair taxicabs are required to have a mobile two-way radio or electronic dispatch system and be connected to a company that has a fixed-base call center operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Vehicle inspections

Miami-Dade County requires that any company or individual who seeks to provide transportation for compensation be licensed, their drivers trained and insured, and their vehicles registered, insured and inspected.

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Industry notices

Publicized notices about the For-Hire industry.

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Taxicab licenses

Miami-Dade County requires anyone wishing to provide for-hire taxicab services to first obtain a for-hire taxicab license.

Taxicab service is on-demand or prearranged transportation using vehicles that seat nine passengers or less, including the driver. Taxicab vehicles are sedans, station wagons, minivans and sport utility vehicles.

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For-Hire chauffeur training

Individuals who attend for-hire chauffeur classes are required to take and pass an exam administered by the County.

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Licensed companies and taxicab stand locations

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Chauffeur Incentive Program

The Taxicab Chauffeur Incentive Program recognizes and rewards taxicab drivers for outstanding service to tourists, visitors and residents of Miami-Dade County.

Four times a year a Chauffeur of the Quarter is selected from a pool of drivers recommended by members of the public. From among these nominees, a Chauffeur of the Year is also named.

The Chauffeur of the Quarter receives a commemorative plaque and a $500 cash award, while the runners-up receive $50 each and a certificate.

The Chauffeur of the Year is awarded a commemorative plaque and $2,500.

Any member of the public who wishes to recommend a taxicab driver for a Chauffeur of the Quarter award should email the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources at [email protected] or download a nomination form. The form should be filled out and mailed to:

MIAMI FL 33136

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Ambassador Cabs Program

The Ambassador program was implemented on April 1, 2015.  All taxi drivers must be registered as an Ambassador Cab driver to pick up passengers at Miami International Airport (MIA) and PortMiami.  Taxicabs operating from these two locations are clearly marked as “Ambassador Cabs,” and these cabs have to comply with the following requirements in order to participate in the program:

  • Have and utilize a SunPass device for electronic toll payments.
  • Have a “vacant” light attached to the top of the roof or to the top of the dome light. This light shall operate automatically to illuminate the “vacant” sign when the taximeter is not in operation.
  • Have a functional credit card processing system on the back seat. The machine shall list tips, fares, tolls and fees separately.
  • Have equipment interfaces with taximeter, displaying meter and flat rate fares. 

 Passengers traveling in an Ambassador Cab are entitled to the following amenities: 

  • Chauffeurs shall open doors for passengers.
  • Chauffeurs shall load and unload luggage, unless otherwise instructed by passenger.
  • Chauffeurs cannot refuse to accept payment by credit card.
  • Chauffeurs must wear a collared shirt, dark trousers or skirt, and closed shoes.
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Taxi Complaint Form

Complete the Taxi Complaint Form to submit a complaint about a taxi driver or cab. Provide your contact information if you would like us to follow up.


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