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RU-TH - Townhouse District

Townhouse - 8.5 units/net acre 

RU-TH - Diagram

Article XVA. RU-TH, Townhouse District

What is a Townhouse?

A townhouse is a fee simple one-family attached dwelling unit of a group of three or more such units separated by a common party fire wall; pro-vided, however, that up to 10% of the total number of units on any individual site plan may be developed in two-unit groupings.  A common party firewall shall extend to the roofline or above the roof of units which it serves and shall have no openings therein. Where units are offset from one another and a common party wall is used, the wall may be placed equidistant on each side of the lot line not exceeding the length of the offset. Each townhouse shall be constructed on a separately platted lot.  Each townhouse unit shall have clear, direct frontage on a public street or private access way.

What is a Setback? A setback is the required minimum horizontal distance between the front, sides, and rear of the lot to the building.

  • Maximum density:  8.5 units per net acre.
  • Minimum site size: 1 net acre
  • Lot area per unit: 1,250 s.f. minimum; 1,500 s.f. average for a group
  • Height: 40’ maximum
  • Townhouse size:  600’ s.f. floor area minimum; 800’ s.f. average floor area in any grouping                                     
  • Grouping length: 240’ maximum
  • Patio area per unit:  400 s.f. minimum enclosed with 6’ minimum height walls, exclusive of parking and service areas.

Principal Building Setbacks:

  • Front: 15’ minimum from the nearest edge of roadway pavement. If parking is provided in front of the townhouse, a 25’ setback is required. If garages are provided, a 20’ setback to the garage is required.
  • Side Street: 15’ minimum from the end of a group of townhouses to the street pavement, 8’ of which shall be clear of encumbrances.  The remaining 7’ may be encumbered by trellises and walkways which may be enclosed by a privacy fence 1/2 the depth of the townhouse.
  • Spacing between groups: 20’, 15’ of which shall be free of encumbrances. The remaining 5’ may be encumbered by trellises and walkways and may be enclosed by a privacy fence, 1/2 the depth of the townhouse.
  • Rear:  10’ minimum setback; a 10’ greenbelt shall be provided between rear lot lines. The greenbelt may be omitted if a 15’ setback is provided. 

Accessory Use Setbacks

No accessory building permitted on unwalled sites; where enclosed, an accessory building shall not extend above enclosing walls.


A minimum of 2.25 parking spaces per unit, either on the townhouse lot, or off-site in a convenient commonly-owned facility within the townhouse development.  Only 4 parking spaces are permitted in a group without a landscape element.

Common Open Space

A minimum of 30% of the site, 50% of which shall be landscaped and free of buildings and off street parking areas, and the remaining 50% may be used for entrance features, canals, lakes, pedestrian walkways and recreational uses.

The regulations contained herein are general in nature and are subject to change as deemed necessary by the Board of County Commissioners. It is advisable to contact the Regulatory & Economic Resources Department at (305) 375-2800 to ascertain whether more restrictive regulations may apply to specific developments.

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