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Practice Areas

    Federal, Tort & Medical Malpractice Litigation

    Bernie Pastor, Section Head

    Richard Schevis, Lead Attorney (Tort)

    Korissa Lepore, Lead Attorney (Medical Malpractice)

    The Federal, Tort and Medical Malpractice Litigation Section is divided into two areas: (1) federal litigation; and (2) tort and medical malpractice litigation. Our cases generally arise from the public use of Miami-Dade County facilities and services provided across many County departments and agencies, including Police, Corrections & Rehabilitation, Parks, Recreation & Open Spaces, Transportation & Public Works, Internal Services, Solid Waste, Public Housing, Libraries, Animal Services, among others.

    Our federal litigators represent the County and its employees in a wide variety of complex legal matters brought in federal court, including defending against federal civil rights claims, class actions, wrongful death claims, tort claims, and challenges to the constitutionality of County ordinances. We primarily defend high-stakes federal claims that could expose the County and its employees to significant financial liability that may well exceed the limits applicable to claims brought under state law. Our federal trial lawyers, all of whom have served as law clerks for federal judges, are experts in researching and writing persuasive legal briefs, and have litigated and tried dozens of cases to a successful verdict, mainly in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, one of the busiest federal trial courts in the country. We have also successfully handled dozens of appeals and presented many oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

    Our tort liability and medical malpractice litigators defend the County and its employees against a variety of claims brought in Florida state courts, including wrongful death, negligent security, premises liability, property damage, personal injury, false arrest or imprisonment, and malicious prosecution. We also defend the Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County and its health care providers against claims involving the medical care received at Jackson Health System, which includes Florida's largest public hospital as well as other medical facilities. Our team also represents the Public Health Trust's healthcare providers regarding licensing and regulatory matters administered by the Florida Department of Health. Many of our tort and medical malpractice trial lawyers have served as prosecutors and public defenders, and all have developed expertise in handling a large volume of cases from inception to jury trial. We have also successfully handled numerous appeals to Florida's Third District Court of Appeals, and the Florida Supreme Court.

The following are attorneys who specialize in this practice area:

Keri Bagala

Fabiana Cohen

Hecter Concepcion-Stowes

Gabriel A. Costa

Gregory d'Incelli

Daniel Frastai

Benjamin A. Gellis

Evan Grob

Ela M. Hernandez

Korissa Lepore

Joseph T. Murray III

Bernie Pastor

Hunter Pratt

Nicole Ramos Barreau

Richard Schevis

Zach Vosseler

Erica Zaron