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For a County of our size, transit is central to our daily life. We heard in the survey that many residents travel by car because they do not find the public transit system comprehensive or reliable enough.

However, through the survey, we learned that:

41% of respondents...
48% of respondents...
Many of our residents already take public transit, either by choice or necessity, and we will work toward creating a system with transit options that work for all residents.

There are many challenges to overcome. During Civic Week, residents shared that existing transit infrastructure is perceived as uncomfortable, poorly designed, poorly maintained, and inaccessible for differently abled residents. Furthermore, residents who walk, bike, and take public transit in our County do not feel safe or dignified using existing transit infrastructure. By improving the reliability, safety, and comfort of the system, we can bring more dignity into our transit system.


Action 6.1
Improve bus network with reduced wait and travel times, protection from elements, and increased comfort
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Action 6.2
Improve streets and bus stops for bike and pedestrian safety
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Action 6.3
Give transit riders and workers greater voice in transit decisions
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Action 6.4
Seek funding to expand rail along key corridors
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