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Career Opportunities

Summer Clerk Program

The summer clerk program provides a realistic view of what it is like to practice law in the County Attorney’s Office. The Office interviews first-year and second-year students, as well as third-year students who have accepted judicial clerkships.  The Office traditionally interviews on campus at Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Columbia, NYU, Duke, University of Michigan, and University of Pennsylvania.  The Office also reviews resumes from students who attend schools that we do not visit.

Recruitment Process

The Office is committed to recruiting motivated and outstanding law students and attorneys who wish to be a part of a growing, exciting, and broad-based practice. The Office reflects the diversity of the County that it represents.

The Office provides a unique opportunity for individuals who are willing and able to accept responsibility early and often; Assistant County Attorneys engage in important legal work from day one.  That responsibility continues through the life of a case or ordinance, including appeals; it is not unusual, for example, for an attorney to be involved in the drafting of an ordinance, a trial involving a challenge to its validity, and one or more appeals from that trial.

Resumes & Written Inquiries

Gerald K. Sanchez
First Assistant County Attorney
Miami-Dade County Attorney's Office
111 Northwest First Street, Suite 2810
Miami, Florida 33128

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