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Mayor's Championship Winners

Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner Cheerleading Competition

October 26, 2014 – U.S. Century Bank Arena, FIU

Team Classification
Goulds Rams Jr Peewee - Level 1 Small
Richmond Perrine Giants  Jr Peewee – Level 1 Medium
Palmetto Bay Broncos Jr Peewee – Level 1 Large
Palmetto Raiders Jr Peewee – Level 2 Small
Liberty City Warriors Jr Peewee - Level 2 - Medium
Tamiami Colts                 Jr Peewee -Level 4 - Medium
Gwen Cherry Bulls                 Jr Peewee - Dance - Theme
Gwen Cherry Bulls                   Peewee - Level 1 - Small
Lauderhill Broncos                     Peewee - Level 2 - Small
Pompano Steelers             Peewee -Level 2 - Medium
Overtown Tornadoes                    Peewee - Level 3 - Medium
Richmond Perrine Giants                        Peewee - Dance - Theme
Florida City Razorbacks                Jr Midget - Level 2 - Small
Lauderhill Broncos              Jr Midget - Level 3 - Small
Gwen Cherry Bulls                   Jr Midget - Dance - Theme
North Miami Redskins  Jr Midget - Dance - Pom
Palmetto Bay Broncos Midget - Level 1 - Small
Gwen Cherry Bulls            Midget - Level 2 - Small
Coconut Grove Titans  Midget - Level 2 - Medium
Pompano Steelers Midget - Level 2 - Large
Palmetto Raiders Midget - Dance - Theme

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Miami Soccer Festival

November 1-2, 2014 – Kendall Soccer Park

Winner – Davie United Sharks
Runner Up – Miami Strike Force Yellow

Winner – Miami Strikeforce
Runner Up – Weston Boys Premier Blue

Winner – Futbol Club Say Soccer
Runner Up – Kendall Hammocks Strikers

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Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner Football League

Sean Taylor Classic, Football Championships
November 2014, North Miami Athletic Stadium

Team & Classification

  • Tamiami Colts  -  Jr. Peewee – Division 2
  • Tamiami Colts  -  Jr. Peewee – Division 2
  • Coconut Grove Titans  - Jr. Midget – Division 2
  • Tamiami Colts -   Midget – Division 2
  • Overtown Tornadoes  - Jr. Bandit “B” – Division 2
  • Little River Saints -  Jr. Bandit – Division 2
  • Gwen Cherry Bulls -  Jr. Bandit – Division 1
  • Parkland Rangers -  Bandit – Division 2
  • Northwest Falcons -  Bandit – Division 1
  • Gwen Cherry Bulls  -  Jr. Peewee – Division 1
  • Florida City Razorbacks  - Peewee – Division 1
  • Liberty City Warriors -  Jr. Midget – Division 1
  • Palmetto Raiders - Midget – Division 1
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Miami Junior Tennis Cup at Crandon Park

September 20-22, 2014

Mayor's Cup Winners

Boys’ 14 Singles

  • 1st Gabriel Bonossi - Doral, FL
  • 2nd Milledge Cossu - Aventura, FL

Girls’ 14 Singles

  • 1st Melanie Dlugolack - Hallandale Beach, FL
  • 2nd Portia Li - Parkland, FL

Boys’ 12 Singles

  • 1st Eric Brook - Key Biscayne, FL
  • 2nd Emilio Montejo - Doral, FL

Girls’ 12 Singles

  • 1st Aleksa Marquez - Key Biscayne, FL
  • 2nd Erin Yaroshuk - Miami, FL
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Youth Fair High School and Middle School Cross Country Invitational

September 18, 2014 at Larry and Penny Thompson Park

Girls Middle School Junior Varsity

1st  Brittany Tyre  Keys Gate
2nd  Ana Rodgriguez Ammons MS
3rd  Karina Dougery Lamar Curry
4th  Jamesha Williams Ammons MS
5th  Thea Ramires  Keys Gate
6th  Nemina Villar  All Angels Academy
7th  Jessy Cabanas Keys Gate
8th  Rhyanna Moore Keys Gate
9th  Candela Rios  Lamar Curry
10th Michele Petit-Pointe Rockway MS

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st  Keys Gate Charter School
2nd  Ammons Middle School

Boys Middle School Junior Varsity

1st  Alex Carreras  Jorge Mas Canosa MS
2nd  Vicente Sanchez Belen Jesuit Preparatory
3rd  Jorge Morasso         Belen Jesuit Preparatory
4th Austin San Juan Belen Jesuit Preparatory
5th Joshua Matias  Palm Springs MS
6th Matthew Bryan Belen Jesuit Preparatory
7th  John Lux          Ammons MS
8th  Jalen Jones  Keys Gate
9th Adrian Salcedo Jorge Mas Canosa MS
10th Diego Gomez  Belen Jesuit Preparatory

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st  Belen Jesuit Preparatory
2nd  Jorge Mas Canosa MS

Girls Middle School Varsity

1st Rahyah Andressohn - Richmond Heights MS
2nd Natalie Varela - West Miami MS 
3rd Ayjah Silemon  -    Hammocks MS 
4th Rebecca Bergnes - St. Kevin
5th Melissa Martinez - Devon Aire K
6th Bianca Banato - Ammons MS
7th  Nikki Martinez - St. Kevin
8th Rebecca Rodriguez  - St. Kevin
9th Lisa Adjouadi - Hammocks MS 
10th Elizabeth McCann - St. Kevin

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st  St. Kevin
2nd Hammocks MS

Boys Middle School Varsity

1st Rodrigo Madiedo - Belen Jesuit MS
2nd Sebastian Roa  - Belen Jesuit MS
3rd  Luciano Bettochi - Belen Jesuit MS
4th Henrique Souza - Belen Jesuit MS
5th Adrian Bichara - Ammons MS
6th Damauri Little - Arvida MS
7th Yader Portocarrero - Ammons MS
8th Juan Miguez - Belen Jesuit MS
9th Jose Almaral - Hammocks MS
10th Rodrigo Nieto -  Belen Jesuit MS

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st Belen Jesuit MS
2nd Ammons MS

Girls High School JV

1st Sydne Garcia - John A. Ferguson HS
2nd  Elizabeth Macgowan - John A. Ferguson HS
3rd  Annemarie Jude - Our Lady of Lourdes Academy
4th Taylor Tejera - John A. Ferguson HS
5th Jessica Elizondo - John A. Ferguson HS 
6th Lauren Potesta - John A. Ferguson HS
7th Lauren Garcia  - Our Lady of Lourdes Academy
8th Antravia Snow   -  Homestead Senior HS
9th Erica Scott  - Ransom Everglades
10th Violet Handforth - Ransom Everglades

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st John A. Ferguson HS
2nd Our Lady of Lourdes Academy


Boys High School JV

1st Andres Signoret Belen Jesuit Preparatory
2nd  Alejandro Corzo Belen Jesuit Preparatory
3rd Victor Lopez  Coral Reef HS
4th Justin Melo  John A. Ferguson HS
5th Ryan Fernandez Coral Reef HS
6th Robert Martell         Belen Jesuit Preparatory
7th Brian Escobar  John A. Ferguson HS
8th John Grant  Coral Reef HS
9th Carlos Esber  Ransom Everglades
10th Danilo Zavala  John A. Ferguson HS

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st  Belen Jesuit Preparatory
2nd Coral Reef HS

Girls High School Varsity

1st Lauren Archer         Ransom Everglades
2nd  Alyssa Pujals  Gulliver Prep HS  
3rd Aylwyn Hernandez John A. Ferguson HS
4th Lauren Gavulic John A. Ferguson HS
5th Beatriz Ruan  Ransom Everglades
6th Rachael Osman Coral Reef HS
7th Victoria Hoppe  Westminster
8th Jinah Mickens  Mater Academy
9th Shiree Hinds  Northwestern
10th Briana Vergara Coral Reef HS

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st  John A. Ferguson HS
2nd Coral Reef HS

Boys High School Varsity

1st Kurt Convey  Coral Reef HS
2nd  Carlin Berryhill         Coral Reef HS
3rd Ryan Rodriguez Belen Jesuit Preparatory
4th Gabriel Correa         Ransom Everglades
5th Bruno Zayas  Belen Jesuit Preparatory
6th Jaime Lopez  Belen Jesuit Preparatory
7th Nicolas Roca  Belen Jesuit Preparatory
8th Abiel Payano  John A. Ferguson HS
9th Leonardo Rodriguez John A. Ferguson HS
10th Derwin Moultrie Coral Reef HS

Mayor's Cup Team Champions
1st Belen Jesuit Preparatory
2nd Coral Reef HS


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Mayor's Cup Youth Golf Championship

 Championship was held at Crandon Golf

Boys 16 - 17 Division

  • 1st Hagen Brewer from Palmetto Golf Course
  • 2nd Austin Gomez from Country Club of Miami 

Girls 16 - 17 Division

  • 1st Taylor Robinson from Country Club of Miami
  • 2nd Diane Sanchez from International Links of Miami

Boys 13 - 15 Division

  • 1st Gustavo Hernandez from Country Club of Miami
  • 2nd Alec Quiroga from Pembroke Lakes
  • 3rd Ian Rodriquez from Country Club of Miami 

Girls 13 - 15 Division

  • 1st Abigail Chai-Onn from Palmetto Golf Course
  • 2nd Emily Palmeiro From Greynolds Golf Course 

Boys 9 -12 Divsion

  • 1st Adrian Rodriquez From International Links of Miami
  • 2nd Justin Rodriguez From Miccosukee Golf Course

Girls 9 -12 Divsion

  • 1st Kelcie Jackson From Country Club of Miami

Boys 8 & Under Division

  • 1st Lorenzo Rodriguez From International Links of Miami
  • 2nd Najee Scavella From Country Club of Miami


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Mayor's SNAG Youth Golf Challenge

Held on August 11, 2014 at Tamiami Park.

6-9 Age group

  • 1st Place – Gwen Cherry Park
  • 2nd Place- Gwen Cherry Park
  • 3rd Place – Leisure Lakes Park 

10-14 age group

  • 1st Place – Tamiami Park
  • 2nd Place- Leisure Lakes Park
  • 3rd Place- MLK Park

Longest Drive Competition

  • 6-9 age group – Makayla (Gwen Cherry Park)
  • 10-14 age group – Fabian (Tamiami Park)
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Mayor's Cup Flag Football Tournament

Mayor's Cup Winners on July 26, 2014 at Tropical Park

Ages 14 and Under Division

  • 1st. Place Palmetto Raiders (Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner League)
  • 2nd Place Florida City Razorbacks (Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner League)
  • 3rd Place North Miami Redskins" to 14and Under (Miami Xtreme League)

Ages 12 and Under Division

  • 1st Place Tamiami Colts (Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner League)
  • 2nd Place Goulds Rams (Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner League)  
  • 3rd Place Kendall Hammocks Warriors to 12 and Under (Miami Xtreme League)

Ages 10 and Under Division

  • 1st Place Tamiami Colts (Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner League)
  • 2nd Place North Miami Seminoles (Greater Miami South Florida Pop Warner League)
  • 3rd Place Kendall Hammocks Warriors to 10 and Under (Miami Xtreme League)
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Miami Junior Tennis Cup at The Sony Open

Mayor’s Cup Winners on March 27-29, 2014

Orange Ball Division

  • 1st Place Emiliano Murguia (Polonsky Tennis Academy; Doral, Florida)
  • 2nd Place Mathias Barragan (Biltmore Tennis Center; Coral Gables, Florida)

Green Dot Division

  • 1st Place Renzo Fassioli (Tamiami Tennis Center; Miami, Florida)
  • 2nd Place Carlos Ramirez (Tamiami Tennis Center; Miami, Florida)
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Miami Soccer Festival

2013 Winners on November 29 & December 1, 2013

Kendall Soccer Park

  • U9 Boys – Winner Kendall Indian Hammocks Team A
  • U10 Boys – Winner Coral Estates Furia Roja
  • U10 Girls – Winner Kendall United
  • U12 Boys Group A – Winner Kendall Hammocks Lightning
  • U12 Boys Group B – Winner Real Madrid Castilla
  • U12 Girls – Winner Homestead Hawks
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Pop Warner Sean Taylor Classic Championships

November 4-9, 2013 at the North Miami Stadium

Team Classification
NW Boys & Girls Club Falcons  Junior Bandit Division 1
Little Haiti Patriots  Junior Bandit Division 2
Overtown Tornadoes           Bandit Division 1
Miami Youth Hurricanes               Bandit Division 2
Richmond Giants                            Pee Wee Division 1
Talcolcy Red Raiders                      Pee Wee Division 2
Overtown Tornadoes                    Midget Division 1
Tacolcy Red Raiders                       Midget Division 2
Gwen Cherry Bulls                          Junior Pee Wee Division 1
North Miami Redskins                   Junior Pee Wee Division 2
Liberty City Warriors                       Junior Midget Division 1
Tacolcy Red Raiders                        Junior Midget Division 2

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Pop Warner Cheer Competition

October 21, 2013 at the Miami-Dade Auditorium

Team Classification
Palmetto Raiders Junior Pee Wee Level 1 Small
Northwest Falcons Junior Pee Wee  Level 1 Medium
Palmetto Bay Broncos         Junior Pee Wee  Level 1 Large
Coconut Grove Titans       Junior Pee Wee  Level 2 Small
Lauderhill Broncos     Junior Peewee Level 2 Medium
Liberty City Warriors                 Junior Peewee Level 2 Large
Miami Youth Hurricanes                 Peewee Level 1 Small 
North Miami Redskins                     Peewee Level 2 Small
HallandaleThoroughbreds                       Peewee Level 2 Medium
Miami Youth Hurricanes             Junior Midget Level 1 Small
Northwest Falcons                     Junior Midget Level 2 Small
North Miami Redskins                       Junior Midget Level 2 Small
Gwen Cherry Bulls               Midget Level 1 Small
Overtown Tornadoes               Midget Level 1 Medium
Palmetto Bay Broncos                    Midget Level 1 - Large
Miami Youth Hurricanes            Midget Level 2 - Small
Liberty City Warriors                Midget Level 2 Medium
Coconut Grove Titans                Midget Level 3 Medium

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