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Frequently Asked Questions - The Layoff Process

How does Human Resources determine who gets laid off / bumped into another position?

Based on the approved budget, each department submits a written notification of positions to be eliminated to Human Resources. Human Resources then calculates retention scores for those affected employees and places these employees, by order of their retention score, into filled or  vacant positions. If no filled or vacant positions are available, employees with the lowest retention scores will be bumped (removed) from their positions.

How are retention scores calculated?

A retention score is the sum of an employee's creditable classified service in a job classification.

When are layoffs effective?

Layoffs will be effective 21 calendar days from the date of the layoff letter. If an employee exercises their classified service rights by bumping into another position, the employee should report to the new job on the date specified in their letter.

If my position is eliminated due to budgetary reasons, or organizational restructuring, what will happen?

Employees with Classified Service Rights
Employees with classified service rights will be allowed to exercise those rights.  A retention score will be calculated, which is the sum of an employee's creditable seniority points in a job.

Employees without Classified Service Rights will receive a notification letter from Human Resources.

If I am affected by the layoff and as a consequence I move to a different position, what will be my new classification?

The Human Resources Department will notify you via letter of your new assignment after retention and bumping rights have been determined.  

If I am affected by the layoff and as a consequence I move to a different position and/or classification, what will be my new salary?

Your new salary will be dependent on your new classification and your current bi-weekly rate of pay. If you are assigned to a new department within your current classification, there will be no change in your rate of pay. If your new classification is a demotion, the demotion policy will be applied by placing you on the pay step closest to your current salary, provided the former salary is not higher than the new salary pay range maximum.

How does bumping occur?

Permanent employees faced with a layoff shall have "bumping rights" to be applied as follows:

1.     If budgeted vacancies exist in a job classification in which a permanent employee is being impacted due to a layoff, the employee will bump into the appropriate filled or vacant position with permanent status based upon retention score.

2.     Bumping will occur at the department level first and then on a countywide basis by retention score.  The Human Resources Director reserves the right to determine which vacancy will be used when multiple vacancies exist.  Vacancies with approved job openings will be used first.

3.     If a laid off permanent employee is unable to bump in his/her current classification, the employee may exercise bumping rights to:

a.     Lower level position in his/her class series whether the employee served in the classification or not.

b.     Any other job classification not in the employee's class series where he/she previously attained permanent status.

4.     Where a layoff action involves probationary employees who have never become permanent in other job classifications, the probationary employee will be laid off according to retention score -- the employee with the lowest score to be laid off first.

5.     When an employee is placed in a position through a layoff action and the employee has earned rights to the position (either through previous permanent status in the class or because the class is part of the employee's job series) he/she goes into the position with permanent status.

How long will I be on the Recall List?

The names of permanent employees laid off or demoted due to a layoff shall be placed on a recall list in order of retention score for a period of no more than two years.  Recall lists shall have priority over all other lists in the filling of vacancies.  A list of one can constitute a recall list. Employees, who are separated from County Service for more than 45 (forty- five) days, will be required to successfully complete Miami-Dade County's background check and physical requirements before returning to work.

Employees having bumping rights within a class series shall be placed on recall lists for all those classifications in which the employee had bumping rights, but was unable to bump due to a low retention score.  Appointments from a recall list shall be made with permanent status, even for those classes in the class series in which the employee may have never served.

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