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Stress Self-Check


Being unemployed puts you under a lot of stress. Here are some of the main causes of the stress of unemployment. Check the ones that apply to you.

Stress has an impact on your health. Here are a few of the ways that the stress of unemployment may show up in your life. Which of them apply to you?

  Loss of wages and benefits


  Getting sick more often

  Loss of a work family

  Feeling tired all the time


  Loss of control in life

  Having more headaches


  Years of work not recognized

  Back and stomach problems


  Loss of a daily routine

  Having trouble sleeping


  Facing job search rejection

  Feeling shaky and dizzy


  Lack of marketable skills



  Isolation from other people

  High blood pressure


  Racial discrimination

  Heart attacks and strokes


  Sexual discrimination

  Sexual problems


  Age discrimination

  Can’t relax without T.V.


  Uncertain economy

  Increased use of alcohol


  Not knowing what to expect

  Nervousness and irritability


  New role in the family

  Not interested in anything


  Fear of tests and classes

  Getting angry more easily


  Hassles with bureaucracies

  Feeling out of control


  Starting over again

  Feeling useless and unwanted


  No medical benefits

  Feeling powerless


  Lack of respect from family

  Generally depressed


 If you have checked more than two boxes in either column, you are probably experiencing the stress of unemployment, and you are not alone.  Everyone who has lost a job experiences many of these same stressors and physical symptoms.

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