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Layoff Effect on Family

Single parents

Single parents, most of them women, may have the hardest time of all.  There isn't a partner to bring in another salary and there isn't anyone else to help take care of the house and look after the children while they are out looking for work.  Losing the only source of income, even for a little while, can be terrifying.

It is hard to see the other side

It is hard for the people who have been at home to understand how difficult it is to go through a lay-off.  They know how their lives are affected, but unless they think about it a lot, and unless there is a chance to talk about it, they don't see the whole picture.

On the other hand, those who have been laid-off are so concerned with what they are going to do next, how they are going to deal with the crisis, that they don't notice that the people around them are going through the crisis too.  Everyone is scared, and everyone needs to have their fears listened to.

A time for patience

Through all the years at work, everyone knew what to expect in the family.  Now all the familiar ways have changed.  Tensions in the family were kept under control by the day to day pattern of living.  Now that this pattern is gone, old tensions, as well as new ones, may come to the surface.

You may get sick

It doesn't take a medical degree to know that if you are running part of your body on high, and part on low, sooner or later it is going to get out of balance and begin to break down.  The symptoms of stress related illness cover a wide range of medical conditions.

High blood pressure and heart disease are related to stress and the body's system for fighting illness, the immune system, is weakened.  When you experience prolonged stress, your defenses against getting sick don't work as well. You may get more colds or viruses or even pneumonia. There are also a greater risk of getting diseases like arthritis and colitis.

Because your stomach and gut are less able to protect themselves against increased stomach acid, there is a danger of developing ulcers.  Stress can also cause depression, impotence and asthma because of chemical changes in your body.

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