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Hurricane Irma

As we continue our recovery and cleanup efforts, please visit the Emergency website for the latest information on openings and closings in Miami-Dade County.

Zoning Improvements

Zoning Improvement Permits are issued for the following types of improvements

  • 0001 Paving, Drainage of Existing Facilities. Estab. landscape, tennis and basketball courts
  • 0002 Farm Buildings
  • 0003 Temp Buildings Used for Construction, Trailer or Modular
  • 0004 Awnings, Canopies, Fabric Covered Framework, Trellis and Pergola, residential
  • 0005 Painted Wall Sign
  • 0006 Balloon Sign
  • 0007 Stick on fabric letters, window graphics and vinyl wall signs not to exceed 40 square feet in area
  • 0008 Chickees by Miccosukee or Seminole Indians
  • 0009 Above Ground Pools
  • 0010 Chain link fence, residential, *fences with concrete columns require bldg. 18 permit
  • 0011 Picket, Iron, Other Fences Non-Wind Resistant, residential fences with concrete columns require a BLDG 18 permit
  • 0012 Residential Decorative Pools and Ponds
  • 0013 Decorative Garden Type Fountains
  • 0015 Resurfacing
  • 0016 Sealing, Stripe painting of existing parking lots
  • 0017 Portable Mini-storage Unit
  • 0018 Floating Docks
  • 0020 Flat wall sign not to exceed 40 square feet in area and a building height of 30 feet, with County-approved detail only

Signs require a Zoning Improvement Permit (ZIP) and possible building permit.

  • All fixed signs or inside signs that can be seen from the street require a permit before they are erected (Sec. 33-86)
  • All signs must meet building and electrical standards (Sec. 33-87)

For information call the Zoning Information Section at 305-375-1806.

Legislative History

The ordinance creating the Zoning Improvement Permit (ZIPS) was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on June 3, 2003. The provisions of the code can be found under Section 33-8.1 of the Code of Miami-Dade County. The code was established to ensure that certain land uses now exempt from the Florida Building Code remain in compliance with the zoning code, Chapter 33.

Obtaining a ZIPS Permit

For more information, please contact James Byers at 786-315-2660.

Non-Residential Farm Buildings

Nonresidential farm buildings located on a farm are exempt from the Florida Building Code, and any county or municipality building code. However, they are not exempt from local zoning codes. Nonresidential farm building means any building or structure located on a farm that is not used as a residential building. Please review definition of farm to see if proposed use qualifies for a ZIPS permit.

Farm as defined by Florida Statute 823.14 (3) (a) means the land, buildings support facilities, machinery, and other appurtenances used in the production of farm or aquaculture products.

Farm product means any plant, as defined in Statute 581.011, or animal useful to humans and includes, but is not limited to any product derived there from.

Please be aware that when a parcel of land is zoned AU, Agricultural, it does not mean that all buildings and structures qualify for a ZIPS permit. If the use of the structure is not supported of the farm product produced on the farm then the building or structure is not exempt from the Florida Building Code. For example, if an owner has an avocado grove and on this land the owner wants to build a stable for horses that are used for recreational or private use, the stable would not be exempt and would require a Building 01 category.

If the building or structure is used in the production of the farm or aquaculture product, a ZIPS permit will be required. As stated previously, the applicant will need two copies of a site plan or survey. Again, the site plan does not have to be certified by an architect or engineer, but it must be drawn to scale. The site plans needs to include:

  • Lot dimensions
  • Setbacks from front, rear, interior and side street property lines
    (if building barn to house livestock, the distance of the barn to the nearest
    residence from property under different ownership must be noted)
  • Identify all buildings and uses and the types of animals being maintained
  • Show location of septic tank and potable water well and notate the distance from
    each other.
  • A flood legend or elevation certificate will be required for buildings 300 square
    feet or greater and for any building constructed of concrete block.

A Fire review will be required for storage buildings or office buildings.

For more information regarding the ZIPS permit, please contact 786-315-2650 or 315-2660.

If you cannot view PDF PDF files, you can download Acrobat Reader  for free from Adobe Systems, Inc. In order to use PDF files, you must have Acrobat installed on your computer.

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