Apply to become an Foreign Trade Zone Subzone or Magnet Site

There are three phases to the application process for becoming an FTZ Operator: 

  • Phase 1: Application with PortMiami 
  • Phase 2: Approval from the Foreign Trade Zone Board (FTZB) and FTZ Site Operator Agreement 
  • Phase 3: Activation from Customs and Border Protection and Grantee Approval

The FTZB must authorize Usage-Driven Sites, Subzones, and new Magnet Site. An Operator at an existing Magnet Site does not need approval from the FTZB, but must still apply with the Port and Activate with CBP and the Grantee. To apply to be an Operator at an existing Magnet Site, complete Phases I and III. To apply for a Usage-Driven Site or Subzone, Operators must complete Phases I, II and III. For complete details regarding each step of the Application Process, see Appendix A of FTZ 281 Guidebook.


Need help?

PortMiami has a staff dedicated to assisting with the Foreign Trade Zone application process.  For more information or to make an appointment, please call 305-329-4028 or email [email protected].