PortMiami to Mexico

PortMiami is the closest U.S. East Coast port to Mexico’s thriving Gulf Coast. Its existing containerized cargo services to Veracruz, Altamira, and Puerto Morelos provide shippers an ideal gateway for Mexican manufactured goods and agricultural products. 

Read the economic report of an all-water route summary in English and Spanish or the full report for more information.

All-water route advantages:

  • Save on transportation costs – up to $2,000
  • Save up to 3 days in transit time
  • Eliminate duplicate documentation checks associated with border crossing 
  • No ELD requirements on water (saves time)
  • No Mexican agent required at the border
  • No switching of equipment
  • No changing drivers at border
  • Eliminate uncertainty and costs caused by border

PortMiami is an ideal gateway for Mexican exports to Florida and the Southeastern United States:

  • Only Port South of Virginia at -50/-52 Ft. capable
  • 13 Ship-to-Shore Cranes including 6 Super Post-Panamax
  • On-dock Intermodal Rail provides access to 70% of the U.S. Population in 1-4 days
  • Direct Tunnel Connection to the U.S. Interstate Highway System
  • Only Two Miles from the Sea Bouy allows fast access
  • No air draft restrictions, no fog, nor snow delays
  • Trade Nexus for Asia, Europe, and the Americas
  • Reliable Labor Relations

With a total trade value of $179 million, Mexico is a key trading partner with PortMiami. 



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