Transshipment Committee

In partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), PortMiami has created a new Transshipment Committee. The Transshipment Committee provides port users and stakeholders an opportunity to develop best practices and keep open the lines of communication between all parties. PortMiami’s CBP Customer Service Corps is focusing on expediting transshipments and ensuring that containers make their connections, solidifying PortMiami’s role as a global transshipment hub.

Providing efficient processing and consistency for shippers and brokers is the motivating factor behind the Transshipment Committee. PortMiami, along with its federal and private partners, offers an ideal location for shippers to reach the world.

By working with federal agencies such as CBP and the USDA, and with private partners including shippers, customs brokers, and terminal operators, PortMiami is offering efficient, cost effective transshipment solutions linking the Americas to Europe, Asia and beyond.



PortMiami is ideally situated as the nexus between Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, making it an ideal transshipment hub.

As the Global Gateway, PortMiami is the U.S. port closest to the source of fresh produce from Latin America and the Caribbean, resulting in shorter shipping times and extended shelf life for perishables.

Same-day delivery of perishable goods to markets in Central Florida and next day service to markets in Atlanta and the Southeastern U.S.

Lazy Line Painter
Fruit grown and exported from Chile…
…travels 11 days through the Panama Canal, and is dropped off at PortMiami.
From PortMiami, the fruit is loaded on a different cargo ship bound for Rotterdam, arriving within days.
From there, a dinner table in France is within easy reach.


Why Miami?

Miami is located at the trade nexus for North-South and East-West trade routes, making it an ideal transfer spot for transshipment. PortMiami has many transshipment advantages, including frequent sailings to Latin America, Asia and Europe, and intermodal flexibility such as on-dock rail that will give shippers the additional convenience of loading exports in addition to transshipment.

PortMiami’s proximity to the Americas and the Caribbean makes it an ideal hub for shippers from around the world. By creating things like the Transshipment Committee and facilitating cooperation between stakeholders, shippers, brokers, and others, PortMiami is able to ensure safe and efficient processing of goods, no matter their final destination.


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